Delighting in God

December 8


How do you view God? When you think about Him, what comes to mind?

Do you see Him as awesome (beyond words) but unapproachable? Do you see Him as so holy that you do not belong anywhere near Him? Do you see Him as the Grand Master of rules… and you had better obey Him, or else!? Do you see Him as cold and impersonal? So big that you are nothing in His sight? So demanding that you are turned off by any thought of Him?


There are so many ways of viewing God that it boggles the mind. In this struggle of the human soul, we seek to understand our Maker – and to truly know His view of us (IF He cares anything about us at all).

These are the issues with which so many of us have wrestled. David did also.

Our verse today is the summary of someone who sought God earnestly. He wanted to truly know His Maker. And the man “after God’s Own heart” (Acts 13:22) came to some startling conclusions…

David concluded that God WAS personal. That He was profoundly interested in the details of our lives. AND that a relationship with Him was filled with joy and pleasures!

I’ll wager that for most of us, our view of God has very little to do with joy and pleasure!

That is the summation of our biggest problem. We usually see God as “on the take.” As demanding and unrelenting. As eager to take away our fun and as quick to deny us pleasurable things (as those things are often seen as evil).

But this is NOT the case – and this is so surprising!

At the heart of it all, God is a giving God. He actually desires that our lives be filled with joy… and all good things. And when we begin to accept that as fact, we begin to unleash His Hands to bring delight and blessing into our lives. Above all else, God desires to be the Source of the good He desires to bring into our lives. So that He is the Source of our joy, our pleasures, and our delight.

God is a giver

The enemy of God fights so hard to fill our thoughts with a god that is cold and impersonal. That we are more of an annoyance to him than an object of his affection. That he is always angry at us for our (many) failures. That he tolerates us because he has to do so – out of some weird obligation to us (because he created us and made this mess). But none of these things are true.

After all of David’s heartfelt searching, he discovered that God is actually a delight – and that He actually delights in us. That it is His great pleasure to become the Source of all that we need… and the Source of everything that delights our hearts.

John Piper, the author of the book “Desiring God,” echoed David’s conclusion with one of his own…

God is most glorified

When we finally realize that God is for us (not against us) and begin to see Him as the Source of our joy and pleasures – we will run to Him for what satisfies us deep within. We will discover that God is eager to be the One Who delights our hearts – and that is a revelation that changes everything about our lives!

Prayer Focus: God, I need to see You as a God Who satisfies our lives… that You are the true Source of what brings joy and pleasure.

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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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