The Source of Moral Standards


A few days ago, we talked about a moral standard, used to determine good or evil.


“Of course, there is a moral standard… but that doesn’t mean it came from God.”

This is the objection of those who question that a moral standard came from beyond ourselves. This conclusion is borne from the idea that humans are thinking creatures who have figured out that certain behaviors are good for us (as a society) and others are detrimental to us. God had nothing to do with it… it is all us – we figured out what is “good” and “bad.” No god was needed.

But this line of reasoning does not work.

During the Holocaust, the Nazis had concluded they were doing a “good” thing by ridding the world of the Jews. Some, including Hitler himself, attached a moral value to his actions by claiming they were done for the sake of Christ. In the minds of many Nazis, they were doing the world a favor by: A) exterminating the “scourge” of the Jews; and B) establishing the dominance of a “superior” (Aryan) race.

Holocaust 1

The rest of the world, to this day, does not share their reasoned conclusion.

In fact, anywhere there is genocide, mass killings, subjugation of “undesirables,” or acts of terror – those who commit these acts believe they are doing good. They have considered the options and have concluded that oppression and violence toward others are not only right – it is justified. They are acting in accord with their standard – a standard they have thought through, and determined by their own reasoning.

And the rest of the world does not share their conclusions.

The problem with humans “figuring out” the moral standards of a society is that those standards are always shifting – depending upon current societal norms… and current everything is permissablepopular and accepted moral views. When those standards change, other standards are called into question. Before long you have a world in which everyone does what is “good” or “right” in their own eyes – and there are virtually NO standards by which to determine right and wrong, good or bad.

While this may seem like a proper way of living, it can only lead to disillusion and chaos. We all need boundaries to keep us safe – and to keep us from destroying… ourselves.

Think about it… Homosexuality. Same-sex marriage. Genetic manipulation. Illicit affairs. Abortion. Murder. Divorce. Good things? Bad things? It all depends on your standard of goodness – upon what you have accepted as good…

Whenever you get human thinking involved in determining standards of goodness you can never be certain that any conclusion is any better than any other conclusion. And you have no way of ascertaining which is better or worse, good or evil. You still have no standard to make a reasonable determination – except the ever-shifting arena of human opinion.

Standards that are the result of current human (or societal) opinion are really no standards at all. A standard is immutable. Unchanging. Is right and true today, the same as it was eons ago.

Just such a standard can only originate from Someone who has always been… and Who never changes – Who sees things the same today, as always. Who has always known what is best for us — in spite of what we might currently think about it. 

God knows best

A moral standard is only as good as the Source of that standard – and a good God alone can provide that Source of immutable goodness.


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