Mutual Intent

November 12

“The seed that fell on good soil represents those who truly hear and understand God’s word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!” (Jesus, Matthew 13:23)

Today, I want to go back to something we talked about a couple of days ago. We focused in on the fact that it was not Adam that was cursed, but the ground – the soil of planet Earth. From that moment on, the ground “fights against us” – which, in turn, fills our lives with struggle and hardship… which, in turn, deeply affects our souls. The curse was NOT placed on humanity – but that curse has been instrumental in bringing torment and struggle to every human being.


This was never as God intended. His intent was to fill our lives with His Presence – and with His blessing. His intent was to live in relationship with us and bring His will to this earth, through us. It was always God’s intent to fellowship with us and work through us – to do things on earth, just as they are done in heaven.

But when sin came, human beings lost touch with God’s intent. We began chasing after our own purposes – our own intentions. Most always those purposes were self-centered and self-gratifying. The world became a very self-serving place – and sin became self-perpetuating. In time, we struggled to seek what we were intended to be.

In reflecting upon our condition, we see a very interesting wordplay in the original language about the creation, and fall, of man. The Bible tells us that God named the man (that He had made)… Adam. Adam was formed from the ground. The word for ground in Hebrew is “adamah.” The similarity is not a coincidence. We were formed from the “adamah” (Genesis 3:23) and to the ground, we will return.

formed from the dust

But here is where it gets really interesting. The Bible tells us that it was the “adamah” that was cursed in Genesis 3:17 – and from that point on, the “adamah” would fight against Adam. Adam would toil and work the “adamah” to produce the crops he needed to feed his family – but the “adamah” would resist Adam’s intent.

Then, we recall Jesus’ teaching on the “good soil,” from Matthew 13. Jesus uses a word that has amazing connotations. He tells us that those who are the good soil “truly hear and understand God’s Word.” The word “understand” in the Greek means “to unite together in a common purpose.” In essence, the good soil ceases fighting against the intent of the farmer and works with him to accomplish his purpose. The “good soil” chooses to work with the farmer to fulfill whatever the farmer desires (and in the case of crops, it is a bumper harvest!).


All this is a living lesson concerning humanity. When it comes to God’s purpose and intent for our lives we can either be “adamah” (fighting against God’s intent) or we can be the good soil (working with God in accomplishing what He intends to do).

The “good soil” lays hold of the fact that Jesus has come to renew and restore us back to our original design – NOW we are soil that has been released from the curse and enabled to live as God originally designed us to live.

Because of Jesus, we who have trusted in Him, are all now “good soil” capable of working with God to accomplish whatever He desires to do through us.

Prayer Focus: God, align my heart with Yours… align my intent with Yours… use me to bear much fruit for Your glory.


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