All Worked Up… God’s Working Defined

November 9

“My Father is always working, and so am I.” (Jesus, in John 5:17)


We have been talking about the importance and value of work. We have made the points that: A) God is a worker; B) He designed us to be workers; and C) work is not a curse. It is really important that we understand the value that God places on work (especially in a generation that seems to struggle with that value!).

But it is also important that we comprehend the kind of work that God is talking about – the kind of work that He values.

There are so many different types of work… monotonous work, repetitive work, busy work, exhausting work, mentally-draining work, and on and on (you get the idea). You know… the kind of work that takes a toll on your body and soul.


Although these types of work may be necessary – they are not God’s focus when He talks about work and working.

The type of working that God values, and the kind we were designed to do, is work that brings God to the forefront. Work that reveals something of His nature and character. Work that brings Him into view, in situations of need. Work that comes directly from His Heart – to touch a need, to bring hope to the hopeless, and life to the lifeless.

This is exactly what Jesus is talking about in our verse today.

When we see Jesus, in the pages of the gospels, we see Him constantly at work – healing the sick and diseased, mending the broken, liberating the oppressed, bringing hope to hopeless situations… even raising the dead. Everywhere He goes, He is working – and His work changes lives.


Even at times when there are those who think He shouldn’t be working at all.

The context of today’s verse is a confrontation between the religious leaders and Jesus. Their problem? Not that Jesus was doing good work – but that Jesus was doing His good work on the Sabbath. This was a BIG no-no, in their minds.

This was no rare occasion. We often see Jesus doing good work on the Sabbath – almost as if He is trying to make a point to those who want to reduce relationship with God to a cut-and-dried formula. Jesus is clear: God is always at work. He never takes a day off from doing good work. And those who represent Him shouldn’t take a day off either. According to Jesus, there is never a time when we should avoid doing good work (in fact, He even considered it a wicked thing to ignore doing good to someone just because of the day of the week [Mark 3:4; Luke 6:9]).


This tells us something really vital. Doing good work supersedes being religious. Doing good work is more important than keeping all the rules. God is ALWAYS working… and just like our Lord… so also should we.

Prayer Focus: God, set my heart on Your good work done through my life… use me to touch Your world with Your unfailing love.


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