Right vs. Wrong; part 3

November 6

As we observe human beings, determining right and wrong is an essential part of our lives. We all seek to live by some sort of moral code – even if that moral code is different from everyone else.

right vs wrong

One the questions worth asking is WHY there are such differences? If, as Christians claim, God is the originator of morality, why are there such glaring differences in moral thinking across the nation (and across the globe)?

Basically, there are two reasons…

One, we are animals, by nature. The more we “give in” to our animal nature, the more we lose touch with our spiritual nature (and the divine nature). The Bible talks about this… we head down a particular road of selfish activity and that road gets wider and more “alluring” as we go. The animal nature is something that the more it is fed, the hungrier it becomes. This explains why our addictions are so powerful – and so difficult to break. The more we seek pleasure or escape, the more pleasure and escape is needed. It becomes an endless spiraling journey, that is devastating to our human spirits. The stronger our animal nature, the weaker our spiritual nature – to affect and to guide our choices.


Being self-serving and self-interested, the animal nature also seeks justification for its attitudes and activities. We twist “truth” to meet our own needs. We replace certain moral values with others that are more “supportive” of the choices we desire to make. We develop elaborate excuses for why we must do what we do – and we create even more elaborate reasons for why we must be as we are. In short, our morality becomes what we want it to be – and we expect others to value, and even validate our choices. This is our current cultural climate exactly.

Two, Choice reflects our thinking and reinforces our thinking. Our every action begins with a thought. A thought is born, gives rise to a choice, a choice is made and becomes the basis for other choices – all determined by our way of thinking. This is why Jesus talked so much about repentance. Before we can ever enter the Kingdom of God, we need to change the WAY we think (what repentance means!). The Bible tells us that, because of sin (giving in to the desires of the animal nature), our thinking has become skewed from God’s thinking (and, often, we aren’t even aware of it). We must change how we think – and align ourselves with God’s thoughts.


Most people are not willing to do this. Most people want God in their lives but want no part of Him being the God of their lives. We want God, all right… but we also want to continue to give in to our animal natures.

The very foundation of Christianity is this: Jesus came to put an end to the power and influence of the animal nature within us – and, if we are willing… to put a new nature within us. This new nature desires to be aligned with God’s Heart and God’s way of thinking – a nature that restores us back to what God originally designed us to be.


God initiated His thoughts of morality into us from the very beginning – but He also initiated the ability to choose to follow His morals… or to reject His morals.

It is this ability to choose, that has led so many, throughout human history, to develop their own sense of morality – often diametrically opposed to God’s view of things. This explains why there is such a difference between peoples’ moral views.

The Bible gives us the standards to see God’s way of thinking. It records His view of morality and assists us to see what our Creator had in mind when He created us.

Bible standard

In the end, all morality is only as good as the standard that creates that moral view. And the Bible claims to be God’s Own standard for right and wrong.

Prayer Focus: God, thank You for giving us a standard for the morality of our lives. Teach us to seek and to live in Your ways, always.

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