Right vs. Wrong; part 2

November 5

Yesterday, we talked about the existence of certain accepted standards that determine how we view right and wrong. We also talked about how the Bible reveals the reason for the difficulties in determining right and wrong (and why our standards can be so different from each other). Today, I want to take that discussion in a different vein…

Right and wrong cannot be the product of evolutionary processes. No matter what standard we use, we all proclaim that certain things are right and other things are wrong. We each have a “moral compass” that guides our own lives – and that we use to determine the morality of the actions of ourselves, and others. This “compass” is only seen in those who seek to make moral choices… namely, human beings.


Evolutionary thinking makes a big deal out of the belief in “natural selection.” That everything we are, and everything we think, is because of natural processes. “We are what we are because of what we evolved to be. Just like everything we observe around us.”

But as we observe nature, something very perplexing strikes us. Nature does not live by a “moral” code. Nature reveals a survivalist mentality – and that those who are not strong enough (or clever enough) to survive, don’t. In fact, the strong have no qualms about subjugating (or even eliminating) the weak. The “circle of life” has no sense of compassion, or remorse, or guilt. There is no “moral” compass in nature. It just is – and does as is “natural” for it to do.

circle of life lion

So why does it bother (most of) us when stronger human beings suppress the weaker? Why is it seen as wrong to take a life? Or take something that you want (even if someone else has it)? If an action secures your own survival (or enhances your possibility of surviving) why does it seem to matter if it comes at the expense of others?

These are not things we learn from nature. Oppression and violence, taking life, and taking things that are not yours, shouldn’t seem strange (or immoral) to us at all. If we are only products of nature, by natural processes, we should not be alarmed or offended by how we, or other “animals,” are treated.

It would never even cross our minds…

Something, or Someone, beyond nature, would have had to introduce these moral thoughts into our minds. The “moral compass” certainly appears to be of other-world design (given to us as a helpful hint of what or Who is out there?!).

That Christians claim that this Someone is the God of the Bible should not be strange in the least. His Presence explains some things that cannot be explained naturally. Now, what we do with Him is really the issue of primary concern.

If He IS there, and He wants us to find Him – what better way than to plant within us something of His Own nature and character. Something that tells us of things that are right and wrong – and these things become the values of our lives.

A W Tozer Moral quote


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