Right vs. Wrong

November 4

We have all heard someone say something like this: “No one should impose their moral views on others – everyone has the right to find the truth for themselves.” What this means, of course, is that each person should be free to determine what is right and wrong for themselves – without the prejudiced view of others. Now that seems right (and is becoming the popular norm of our culture). But it begs some significant questions…

If everyone gets to decide their own right or wrong – what happens when those decisions lead them to do things that you believe are wrong, no matter how they might feel about it?

For example, if some malevolent dictator decides that the right thing to do is to practice genocide against the “undesirables” of his country – do we just accept his “moral” choice, or do we condemn it. Should we remain passively silent?


Most of us have no problem condemning the moral choices of others when we determine that their actions are particularly hurtful or offensive. We feel that things like murder, rape, child abuse, sex trafficking, and others, are wrong. But why? Why do we feel (so strongly) that certain things should never be done, by anyone?

It seems that there ARE certain things that are just wrong. But even defining those things is difficult.

right or wrong

For example, abortion. Those who are pro-life, believe that abortion is murder. This is why they feel so strongly that all abortions are wrong (even in cases of rape or incest). Taking a human life (especially helpless, innocent life) is wrong.

But those who are pro-choice see it very differently. To them, it is not a matter of murder. It is a matter of reproductive rights (for the mother). To impose a forced birth upon a woman who does not desire to have a child is wrong.

Right and wrong become a matter of emphasis.

But here is the interesting thing… Both sides of the issue believe they are right. And both sides believe the other is wrong – no matter how the other side feels about it. Lines are drawn in the proverbial sand – and the issues that create those lines are non-negotiable.


But how do we get to the point of drawing those lines?

Lines are drawn because there is an accepted standard that must be maintained, no matter what. For the pro-choice crowd… that standard is a woman’s reproductive rights. For the pro-life bunch… that standard is the murder of the innocent.

The accepted standards determine our choices in matters of right and wrong – and also determine the actions that support those standards.

For all of us, our standards are determined by what we think — by how we think. Everything we do and say will be filtered through our mindsets. Our choices in life are determined by our thinking about the standards we value most.

The Christian assertion is that God designed it to be this way. He left it to us to determine what we think, what we value, what we believe – in the hope that we would seek to know (and embrace) Our Creator’s thoughts… His values, and His truth. This also means that we can completely twist and reject His thoughts, values, and truth.


This is what the Bible tells us. It gives us the reason behind why there is this battle of right vs. wrong – and why the reasons for this battle are so hard to define.

Prayer Focus: God, draw me into a deeper understanding of Your thoughts and values… that Your truth would be my constant guide.


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