Identity… A People Of God’s Own

October 30

“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, to proclaim the virtues of Him…” (1 Peter 2:9)

Of all the things we, as Christians, are called to do… seeing ourselves as treasured may be the most difficult. We may often feel as if what God has done for us, through Christ, is more out of necessity, than desire. God just had pity on us. God saw what a mess we were and decided to clean us up. Or God saw just how broken we were and felt compelled to fix our broken state. In a sense, we struggle with feelings of inferiority because, deep down, we cannot imagine that God looked at us and saw anything but the terrible monsters that sin had made us.


We are shocked and amazed to discover that none of this was the case. God was under no obligation to do anything for us – except to condemn us for all the sin that made us so unlike Himself. But instead of condemning us… He earnestly sought to redeem us.

What God did for us, by sending Jesus, had nothing to do with pity, or remorse, or compulsion. What God did was because He treasured us.

When Peter speaks of being “God’s Own possession,” he is speaking of the price that was paid for us, and what that price tells us. Peter is telling us that we are God’s specially purchased treasure. We were treasured before we were purchased – not just because we were purchased.

The price that was paid to purchase us was the price of precious blood – poured out by God’s Own Son. To God, THAT is what we were worth. He valued us so much that He was blood-of-jesuswilling to pay for us through the blood of His Own Son. Just a few verses earlier, Peter declared: “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed… but with the precious blood of Christ.” (from 1 Peter 1:18-19) In the Mind of God, gold and silver were not a valuable enough exchange. Only the precious blood of Jesus was a proper exchange.

Once purchased (at such a valuable price) NOW we are treated as a possession that merited such an expensive payment. This is how God sees His people. This is how God sees you and me.

This is so surprising. Shocking, really. So many of us expect God to tolerate us, or put up with us, or pity us, or be critical of us (because we are so prone to mistakes and moral failures). We expect Him to look upon us with such disappointment, or frustration – to see us… just as unworthy as we feel.


Maybe this is why we find it so hard to seek Him. To pray. To come before Him. To worship Him. We feel more like worms, than worthy. We feel more like tragedies, than treasure. We feel more like disasters, than disciples.

This is why Peter brings our focus to HOW God really sees us – and why He invites us to apply our faith to what God sees (and to what God has done).

When God’s people get a hold of the almost unbelievable fact that God has always seen us as worth being His treasured people – then we can respond to God as He has always intended. We will be so enamored with Him, so eager to be with Him, that we will crave His closeness, desire His Presence, and yearn for time with Him.

And that is what He has desired from us all along.

Prayer Focus: God, allow my heart to embrace the fact that I am Your special treasure — and live with that thought constantly in mind.


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