Identity… A Holy Nation

October 27


Seeing ourselves as God sees us (because of the work of Jesus, on our behalf) is crucial to our Christian walk. We have to lose our view of the “old man” – and adopt the view of our Creator. His creative work has done a new work in us to cause the “old” to “pass away” – and to offer us the gift of the new. Because of God’s redeeming work, we ARE new creations.

We have talked about being a chosen people (God’s choice!), and a royal priesthood (brought into the King’s Own household, to bring God to the people and the people to God).

But we also need to see ourselves as a “holy nation.”


If you ask just about any Christian: “Are your sins forgiven, through Christ?” And they will most likely answer with a quick and resounding, “Yes!”

But if you ask those same Christians: “Are you holy?” They will likely pause and ponder – then respond with something like this: “Not yet… but someday I hope to be.” We are quick to grasp Jesus’ work to forgive our sins… but not so quick to embrace such a lofty thing as holiness.

Heb 10 10But the truth is this: The same work of Jesus to forgive us our sins ALSO makes us holy in God’s sight. This is confirmed in the letter to the Hebrews: “We have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.” (Hebrews 10:10) The original word used for “have been” tells us that this is something that was completed in the past, done for us, and is applied fully to our lives when we place our trust in what Jesus has done for us.

Just as we are not becoming new creations – we are not becoming holy. We ARE new creations – and being new creations, we ARE holy. This is another wonderful part of what Jesus has done for us – and a part that we have every right to receive.

The second part of this phrase (holy nation) reminds us of something just as essential. We are all together God’s people. We are not just a patchwork of individual pieces trying desperately to fit together – God has made us a corporate unity. God has already placed us together with each other. We are ALL members of Christ – and our greatest significance is found in bringing our particular part to the whole.


Many of our misunderstandings in Scripture stem from the fact that we tend to read the Bible only as it pertains to us as individuals. This is fine, as long as we FIRST read Scripture as it applies to the whole Church. To properly understand our role as God’s people, we need to understand that God is a covenant God – and His covenant is with ALL His people. God calls us to be a NATION of people – under one banner, unified for one purpose, working together as one.

work as one

Of all God’s requirements of His people, this is the one that seems the most elusive. Yet, in order for us to live as God desires us to live (as new creations), we must see ourselves as members of the SAME holy nation, the SAME Body of Christ.

Our only claim to God is because of Jesus’ work on our behalf. That same work done for us, as individuals, made us all a nation of believers, all bought by the blood of Jesus, all divinely chosen to live as royal and holy priests… together.

Prayer Focus: God, I seek to see myself as part of the whole… made holy by Your work through Jesus.


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