Identity… A Royal Priesthood

October 26

“You are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, to proclaim the virtues of Him…” (1 Peter 2:9)

In our struggle to realize all that God has done for us through Jesus, God has given us a new way of looking at ourselves. The old has passed away. The new has come. So what does this “new” look like? How do we connect with what God has done in making us new creations in Christ?

We must do this by faith – and faith is aligning our minds and hearts with how God sees us… and with what God says about us.

Mark 9 23

We really cannot get about the work of God until the Word of God has become our mindset. We will always struggle to live as we should until our minds are truly in line with who we ARE (now) in Jesus.

Yesterday, we talked about being chosen. God is not our idea – we are His idea. He chose us. It is so important for us to embrace this fact.

Today, we focus on another part of our new identity… and one we often ignore.

Peter reminds us that we are now “a royal priesthood.”

“Royal” applies to our new lineage. We are NOW the children of the King of all kings. As His children, we now carry all the rights and privileges afforded all those who are IN the King’s Family. We share in everything He is – and everything He owns. This is because we have been eternally connected to the King through His Son. This is the Vine and branch relationship (as we discussed a few days ago).

Being “royal” instantaneously removes us from “common” and “ordinary” and establishes the fact that we are special to God in every way. We are no longer beggars and urchins — we are His beloved children. And it is okay to relish the privilege of being God’s royal children. This is all God’s doing!

child of the King

Unfortunately, “priesthood” has developed many negative connotations in the past several years. We have heard too many horrible accounts of priests and abuses. Who would even want to be a priest?

But when we understand what a priest really is, we can eagerly embrace our role in God’s work through us.

royal priesthood

A priest is simply someone who brings God to the people – and the people to God.

What Peter is telling us is that part of our new identity is connected with our qualification to intercede between God and other people. We do not have to go through special spiritual “hoops” to become an intercessor. We don’t have to endure years of religious training to become qualified. We don’t have to become someone “ultra-spiritual.” As new creations, we are immediately qualified to bring God to people, and people to God.

This role is played out, not in elaborate church settings, but in everyday life. Wherever we find ourselves, we are God’s royal priests to bring God to those who might need Him – and to offer up prayers and petitions for the needs of those around us.

Being a royal priest is a vital part of our new identity. As John has told us: “(Christ) has made us a Kingdom of priests for God His Father…” (Revelation 1:6; 5:10) As priests of the King, our role is to know the King and bring the wonder of His love to everyone we meet.


Prayer Focus: God, thank You for making me a royal priest. Open my eyes to see the opportunities all around me — to love people with Your love, and to bring their needs before You.


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