Being Worthy

October 19

A few days ago, we talked about this stubborn thing within us that seems to think that we still need to gain God’s favor by doing a bunch of “right” things. The Apostle Paul acquainted that with our human nature trying to earn God’s love by attempting to keep the Law. His conclusion: IF we want to struggle and fail throughout our Christian lives… we can choose to do so (God forgives!). But IF we want to truly live as Christians were meant to live (free from sin, and free from all obligations to try and earn God’s favor) then we need to simply place our trust in Jesus and what He has done (and will do) in, and through, our lives.

But there is another significant obstacle with which many people struggle. It stems from the problem of how we see ourselves versus how we see God.

We look at our lives, see the mess, see our mistakes, bad habits, failures and character flaws – and all the terrible things we have done to ourselves, and others, in our past. ashamedThen we try and approach God… and we feel the weight of our own insignificance… or unworthiness… or wretchedness… We find that, with every fiber of our being, we just don’t feel worthy to be with a holy, all-powerful God. He is glorious and perfect. We are dirtbags (literally!) and such troubled souls. We just don’t feel like we belong in the same picture – let alone IN a relationship with Him.

But such is the wonder of God’s grace. He chooses not to see us as we are, but as we are meant to be – when our hearts are united with His. He welcomes us, not because we are worthy of His favor, but because He has chosen to love us – AND because we have chosen to receive what His Son did for us.


So much of our lives is dependent upon what we do with Jesus.

God has simply said: “If you will look to My Son, and place your trust in Him, it does not matter to Me what you were, or what you are – because I will give you a new identity: you will by My Own.”

Here’s the beauty of God’s grace… God knows exactly what we are, and what we have done. But when we receive His grace, through faith, He chooses not to call to Mind all those things that we were and refuses to recall what we have done. The Bible says that He removes those things as far as the east is from the west (in an infinite line). He locks our past… in the past. He chooses to look at us through what Christ has done, rather than what we have done. And one thing more…

The eternal God of Heaven doesn’t just forgive us, pat us on the back, and send us back out into the world – He chooses to call us as His Own…


We get to wear His Name and enjoy the wonders of all that He owns. And we get to share life with Him (HE desires to make His home with us; John 14:23!).

Jn 14 23

We must remember: God doesn’t do all this because we are worthy of His love – it is His love for us that makes us worthy of Him.

The miracle of God’s grace is that His infinite love trumps all our feelings of insignificance. We are divinely redefined by the unlimited power of His love.

Prayer Focus: God, I seek to live in Your love for me… Help me to see that I am treasured because of Your love for me.

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