Cultural Clamor: Wisdom and Understanding

October 15

Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding…” (Proverbs 2:2)

Have you ever wondered why so many people have such differing views about things?

Take just about any topic, and you are almost certain to find (at least) two people with opposing views on that topic – and both sides will contend that they are 100% right. It is kind of obvious… both sides cannot be right!

But then, that is quickly becoming the issue (or non-issue as the case may be)…

In our current cultural climate, many folks are seeking, not just to blur the lines of right and wrong – but to eliminate those lines altogether. At the heart of popular subjects like “acceptance” and “tolerance” is the view that there are no absolutes – and every person should have the right to do what is right in their own eyes (as long as it’s not hurting anyone). And every such view should be accepted and validated by everyone else (at least, that’s what should happen in a “compassionate and enlightened” society).

While this seems “proper” and “sensitive,” it is one of those roads that lead to nowhere. And roads that lead to nowhere are never worth traveling.

road to nowhere

The point of life, and living, is that we should all be going somewhere… and that our destination should bring us joy and peace in the journey. The current state of affairs in our society cannot be described with words such as joy, peace, or even happiness… Most of what we see (each and every day) is mass confusion, unrest, anger, and a seething frustration building up in the lives of so many.


Why is this?

This happens because people are misled. The Bible tells us that all human unrest has its source in the mindset of those who do not own the Creator’s view of things.

The Creator’s view is known by a very simple term in Scripture… it is wisdom.

Wisdom is God’s way of seeing things – and thinking about things. And God’s way is the right way. Every point of view that seeks some other view than that of the Creator, is going to lead us astray. And the effects upon our lives, and our culture, can be disastrous.

In our verse for today, one who was known for his wisdom implores us all to give wisdom and understanding top priority in our lives. It is declared: “How blessed is the man who finds wisdom And the man who gains understanding… For wisdom is far more valuable than rubies. Nothing you desire can compare with it.” (Proverbs 3:13; 8:11)

Our culture is in such trouble because we are reaping what we have sown into our minds. We have bought into every view… except the one view that matters most.

We are defined by the fact that we are concerned about offending everyone… but God. In the end, all disregard for God and His ways will be exposed for what it really is… utter folly. For those who do not seek His wisdom… that will not be a good day.

But, as Christians, what do we do?

We do the one thing that matters most. We love. We do what Jesus did. We treat people with grace and tenderness. We extend His kindness to everyone we meet. We remember that it is not the truth that leads people to change their minds, it is kindness (see Rom. 2:4). And we live out the wisdom of God in our everyday lives.

We walk in the joy and peace that is ours through Jesus – until we catch the eye of someone who needs what we have. The thing that they are needing most.

And we pray. For our culture. For those around us. For God’s grace to work through us to open doors to their hearts and minds that cannot be opened otherwise. And we thank God for all the ways He is working to draw people unto Himself.

These are dark times, indeed. But the Light always shines best in the darkness.


Prayer Focus: God, teach me Your wisdom… and let me be a shining example of Your love in this world that needs to see Your love so clearly.


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