Cultural Clamor: Boys Will Be Boys?

I apologize… this is not really a devotional post… just some thoughts about our current cultural climate, and where we appear to be heading…

October 14

Today, one of the topics of discussion at my workplace, was the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow girls into their organization. From my understanding, the Boy Scouts were not pressured into this decision, they just simply decided that the term “Boy” in Boy Scouts was kind of irrelevant.


I don’t think we should be surprised at this decision. It is a choice that “goes with the flow” of all current societal trends. I guess, given all the hotbed issues about gender identity, it was only a matter of time. After all, the Boy Scouts, just a few years ago, had come under tremendous fire for their traditional stance against gay participants. In 2013, the ban on openly gay scouts was lifted – and in 2015 the Scouts lifted their prohibition on gay leaders.

As for girls, in the Boy Scouts, why not? It was certainly the next logical step.

What I find most interesting is the reason behind the inclusion of girls into the Boy Scouts… The values of Scouting – trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave and reverent, for example – are important for both young men and women,” said Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh. “We strive to bring what our organization does best – developing character and leadership for young people… as we help shape the next generation of leaders.”

Did you catch that? “Developing character” and the desire to “shape the next generation of leaders.”

To me… that is the disconnect. Good character is based upon values of goodness… and the current values of our culture, at large, are being redefined at light speed. People are more confused than ever – about familial roles, about gender identity, about morality. Our culture is quickly turning towards outright humanism – and the belief that human beings should be free to believe anything they want to believe (AND the rest of us must accept those beliefs as totally valid).


It is a simple thing… when we treat boys as girls and girls as boys, we may think we are being accepting, sensitive, and compassionate – but this cannot end well. A culture that is openly confused about such a simple thing cannot be anything but blatantly confused by any other issue. We are on a road that is screaming “equal rights,” while all along we ignoring the common sense of right and wrong.

That IS the shape of the next generation of leaders – leading humanity into the death knell of what is truly right and decent and good.

But this should not be surprising either. The plan of the enemy of God has always been to cast a disparaging “light” onto God and His values – to make them obsolete, irrelevant… and even criminal. And, what is worse still, our culture is not even aware of the reality of the “man behind the curtain.” As he pulls our strings and twists our minds, we THINK we are being progressive, enlightened, and correct.


As a Christian, I am just sad. As a former BOY Scout, I am extremely disappointed.

The values I was taught as a Scout are now being tossed aside so they can appeal to the blinded masses who seem no longer concerned about true character.

The Boy Scouts appear to be just another in the long line of cases where the blind are leading the blind.



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1 Response to Cultural Clamor: Boys Will Be Boys?

  1. Very interesting, but sad! The rise of the movement.

    The American Humanist Association, their motto is “Good without a God.”

    The Bristol Humanist Group says, “Humanism is an approach to life based on reason and our common humanity, recognizing that moral values are properly founded on human nature and experience alone.”

    Very frightening that they think human nature and understanding is the basis of moral values.

    God, help us all!

    “Turn you eyes upon Jesus,
    Look full in His wonderful face;
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
    In the light of His glory and grace.”

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