Awaken to Grace

October 11

Eph 2 8

I want to spend the next few days talking about the most important doctrine of the Christian faith – and one that is so often misunderstood by so many believers.

It is so important because every other doctrine of true Christianity flows from this one. If we don’t get this doctrine right, all the others will be misrepresented, misunderstood, and… miss the mark.

It is not just outright lies that mislead us. It is also half-truths and distorted understandings. When we are called into relationship with Jesus, we are called to a whole new way of living life – a new way of pleasing God. If we don’t fully embrace this new way (and set aside the old, entirely) we will always struggle in our Christian walk. We will always fail. And, most importantly, we will not have the impact upon our world that God is seeking from us.

This essential, foundational, doctrine is the doctrine of…


Now, immediately, you will have some preconceived idea of what I am going to talk about. You will think that I am going to talk about God’s unconditional and unmerited love – and you would be right. But that is NOT the entirety of grace. That is only a portion. There is so much more to grace than God’s love.

And that is the problem. For so many believers, our view of grace is just too small. We do not see grace as the all-encompassing expression of God’s work for us. We tie it to God’s love and God’s forgiveness (only!)… and miss the most important facets that God’s grace brings into our lives.

Most Christian churches teach about grace… but many churches miss the larger picture of grace – which leads to a limited and ineffective expression of the gospel, to the world who needs it most. We owe it to God to rightly understand what His grace brings to our lives. We also owe it to ourselves…

In our verse for today, we make note of two specific things… 1) we are saved by grace, through faith; and 2) our salvation, by grace, is a gift.

We will talk more about what it means to be saved (in the days ahead) but I want to focus on the last point, today.

Whenever we give gifts to someone, those gifts are not something that the recipient of the gift has earned. Gifts are the expression of love or affection or familial connection – something that happens because of relationship with the giver. But true gifts are never because they are owed to the recipient. They are the result of a giver, thinking of the one receiving the gift, and taking the time (and resources necessary) to present that gift to the recipient.

giving gifts

At the core of God’s gift of salvation is the understanding that we did nothing to EARN God’s gracious gift. He thought of us, and because of His immense love for us, He sent His Son to make the gift of salvation available to anyone who would receive it. God offered it freely to us, out of His intense desire to bring us into His family.

This gift is free… but it was not without cost.

As we have talked about recently, the gift of God is that Jesus paid the price for our sin and guilt, and He took God’s wrath for all the ways we had offended God. In receiving Jesus, we accept what God is offering us… a new life, a new way of living – free from the guilt, penalties, and condemnation of our sin.


This is all the GIFT of God. We do nothing to earn it. But we must each receive it – and receiving God’s gift brings us into special connection and relationship with God.

We are saved by GRACE through faith… it is a GIFT from God, to us.

Prayer Focus: God, open my eyes to see the fullness of Your grace… and teach me to live in all that You have done for me.

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