An Optional God

October 8

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…” (Ecclesiastes 12:1)

It was a headline that is all too common these days… “Young Man Found Dead.”

I was struck by the picture of a handsome young man, who had his whole life ahead of him – but lost his life when he ended up on the bad side of the drug trade. He went to sleep one night, only to awake with someone crashing through his door, guns blazing… and a life full of promise and dreams, was unmercifully snuffed out.

I have friends who knew the young man’s parents – who spoke of the struggle of raising a young man in a society and culture allured by the temptation of the next “good time,” the next thrill. They were at a loss to know how to compete with, or combat, the unseen evil at work in their son’s life. They were frustrated with trying to help their boy see the dead end road he was traveling – unaware of just how short that road was going to be.


It is a parent’s worst nightmare – raising a child to know the right… only to see that child’s life go so wrong.

Tragically, this is no longer the isolated incident. This is the norm. This is the world as we know it. Young people are living fast… and dying all too quickly.

Uncertainty And ConfusionWe are seeing a whole new generation trying to find their way in a world that seems to offer paths in all directions. There is no longer the central highway of Judeo-Christian values and Scriptural morals. A whole generation has been led to believe that God is on the same plane as any myth or fairy tale. Fine for children, or the simple-minded – but unnecessary for today’s fast-paced, higher-intelligence world. Science has authoritatively declared that we are nothing more than chance creatures in a whole universe that happened by dumb luck. Our young people, by and large, no longer question it. Those who do, are ridiculed and chastised for believing such idiotic fantasies.

Is it any wonder that our national headlines are filled with anger, frustration, and senseless loss of life? Our world is being reconstructed on the shifting sands of human opinion and the morals of “everyone does what is right in their own eyes.”

I suppose this is a plea for any of you, out there, who are young and wondering why everyone is chasing after something that seems so promising… but never seems to materialize. Maybe you are already weary of the philosophy that seems to permeate our culture… “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we may die” (Is. 22:13) Maybe you are one of the few, wondering about this whole God thing. Wondering if He should be more than just optional. Wondering if there could be more to God than you have been led to think.

I am here to tell you… there is!

He is very real. He is your Creator. And, the most important part… He actually loves you. He even desires to “hang out” with you – and show you just how real He is – in your everyday life.


He is not the old killjoy in the sky, you have been led to believe. He is not the demanding disciplinarian He is made out to be.

He is worth spending time with. He has a purpose for your life that can only be found by following His lead. And His primary agenda is to love you… and love people through you.

Solomon was right. The really smart play is to “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth.” Life without Him leaves us wide open to the terrible troubles that await us on the road that leads to nowhere.

Prayer Focus: God, I seek the Personal relationship You are offering me. I want to truly know that You are real, powerful, and personal.

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