Bonded with Christ; Part 4

October 3

Grapes on the Vine

We have been talking about the importance of being bonded with Jesus. In John 15, Jesus reminds His disciples of the necessity of this connection.

It is even more important when we ponder the struggles of so many Christians. We’ve all been there… trying our best to do what is pleasing to God, but always feeling like He is either not looking, or is unimpressed with our best efforts. We get discouraged. We get frustrated (mostly with ourselves). We feel like failures (especially when we fall into temptation and sin). We struggle with ineffectiveness and guilt. We self-condemn. And in our weakest moments, we wonder if any of it is worth the struggle.

Jesus’ words to us, in John 15, are liberating. Think about it. What Jesus is saying is that none of this Christian walk is about us… OR our efforts. It is all about Him. His will. His work. His ability. His love. And we get the wondrous privilege of being the ones, here on earth, that get to display His work. We are the branches. We display the fruit. But He is the One producing the fruit. He is the Source. We are just the means by which the Source is displayed.


This is liberating because the Christian life is no longer about how well we perform. It is not about all the ways we can please God by what we do. What pleases God is when we simply abide (and remain) in Jesus, and Jesus does what Jesus can do through our lives. It is His task to come up with what pleases God. And we get to be the ones through whom He does His work.

But how do we become connected, or bonded, with Jesus?

We all know the answer… 

Romans 1 17

This is faith in what Jesus has already done for us. But it is also faith in what Jesus wants to do through us.

Sometimes we need to remember that Jesus wants to do amazing things on this earth, still yet. And He has chosen to do those things through His committed people. That means when we wake in the morning, Jesus has things He wants to do through you and me. He wants to pour out God’s grace on everyone we meet. God’s grace displayed produces God’s fruit in our lives… and in those who are the recipients of His grace.

We often make the Christian life so complicated. But it is really so very simple.

Every day we connect our hearts with Jesus… and do what Jesus did. In His time on earth, everywhere Jesus went, He just simply loved the person right in front of Him. His agenda was simply to be a vessel of God’s grace, touching lives and impacting hearts with God’s love.

Jesus loving

This is something that every one of us can do – beginning now. Wherever we go, wherever we find ourselves, just simply be a vessel of God’s grace to the person right in front of us.

This is not performance. This is God’s opportunity – to do what He does so well. Which is just to love, with the love that changes the world.

It is the love of God that bears the fruit of God.

Prayer Focus: God, I seek just to love as you love me… to live my life as a vessel of Your immense grace everywhere I go.

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