Forgiving Ourselves; part 2

September 17

Yesterday, we talked about the significant challenge of forgiving ourselves for all our past failures and colossal mistakes. About how it is essential for each of us to find peace in the area of our regrettable personal history.

forgive yourself

Along with the strength and encouragement, we can draw from our brothers and sisters in Christ (when we truly open up our hearts to one another and carry each other’s burdens), there is another personal application that we need to take to heart. This is the focus of today’s post…

It is as simple as this: “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

When we really understand that “the old life is gone” we can truly embrace the fact that we are “a new person.” This means that everything that is connected with what we did, what we were, what we hated about ourselves… are all GONE! The work of Jesus to free us from our sins ALSO freed us from everything in our past.

grace and forgiveness

But that is not all… The work of Jesus to liberate us from our sins, and free us from the chains of our past, has an even greater component…

God makes us new. Did you notice the tenses… we are NOT becoming a new person, the Apostle declares authoritatively that anyone who belongs to Christ HAS BECOME a new person.

That means that today, this day, you are new. You are not what you were. You are not defined by your failures. You are not indelibly connected to your past. You are completely free. You are completely new. And each day you can live your life in the fullness of what Jesus has done for you.


Think about what this means for us… We are not a work in progress. We are not awaiting some miraculous intervention of God to change us. We are not gradually becoming what He wants us to be – His work has already made us what He wants us to be.

Our whole job, as believers in Christ, is to apply Jesus’ work to our lives, each moment of our lives, by faith. It might seem strange. It may seem too good to be true. It may seem more like make-believe than reality. But this is the whole point of coming into relationship with the Almighty Creator of all that there is. He brings His quality of work into our lives – and He is a God of perfection. Everything He does for us is the best it could possibly be.

We just have to do the only thing that God requires of us… and that is to believe in Him (and His work) with our whole hearts.


When God declares us new, we have no right to contradict Him. Our past has no bearing upon our life now. THAT is what God has declared.

And when our past tries to rear its ugly head, we just need to speak the truth of God over our lives: “’The old life is gone… the new life has begun’ in ME. I choose to live in the new.”

We are the living testimonies of the power of God’s grace… let’s make it a bold one!

Prayer Focus: God, open the eyes of my heart to truly understand that I AM NEW, because of all You have done for me. The old life is GONE… the new life has come!

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