The Misadventures of Demon Kitty

September 9

Last month (Aug. 31) I told you about how my kids rescued a stray kitten, nursed it back to health, and gave it a home in our house. I thought I would give you an update – along with some thoughts…

kitty biteI have never owned a cat (although I have heard that no one really owns a cat – you are just allowed to co-habitat in a cat’s space) – but I’m pretty sure our little kitty has a demon. He is constantly running around like a crazed animal, stopping only long enough to sink his wiggle your toesclaws into your foot so he can bite your toes (he can even do this by jumping on your leg from long distances!). This same routine goes on whenever he is allowed out of his room (which is not as much as we would like, but we also like non-bleeding toes). This clawing and biting activity has led to an interesting circumstance…

One particular day, I was really tired of the kitty’s clawing and biting routine and after a particularly painful sneak attack, I yelled at him. Pretty loudly. Of course, it scared the kitty hidinglittle guy and he quickly scurried away to a hiding place nearby. What is interesting is that, from that moment on, he is terrified of me. I walk into a room and he scurries to a hiding place. I sit and watch TV and he peeks out from behind the throw pillows (only sneaking out long enough to attack my feet). Even when I pick him up, just to try and pet him (nicely), you can see in his eyes (and his laid-back ears), and all his wriggling, that he is not at all comfortable in his situation. When I am near, even though I just want to snuggle him or play with him or pet him, he acts mortified (I never knew demon kitties could be so sensitive).

It occurred to me… “Frosty” (that’s his name, as you recall) doesn’t really know me. He doesn’t know that I am a kind and gentle person by nature – or that I really have a fond affection for all animals (even demon kitties). He doesn’t know that I would like to hold him on my lap, get to know him, and show him personal kindness.

sleepy kitty

It has never occurred to him that I had the authority to send him away, find him a different home, or even toss him back out into the wild. But I chose to let him come and live in my home (and scratch my legs, and bite my toes). He doesn’t know any of these things about me… He just knows that he is afraid of me. He just knows that when I am around, he would rather hide, or avoid me altogether.

Fear has such a powerful effect – even on our animals.

Of course, that got me to thinking about God…

There are so many people avoiding Him. Hiding from Him. Afraid of Him?

Who wouldn’t want to know a God of infinite love? Who wouldn’t want to be as close to Him as you could possibly be? Who wouldn’t want to be near Him and receive His limitless affection? Who wouldn’t want to be welcomed into His Own Home and enjoy the delights of His Personal attention, each and every day?

It occurs to me… THAT is exactly what He is offering us. A home. A place to belong. An intimate Friendship. A Relationship that will never end. And all the goodness that He can possibly give us.

Yet, there are so many that run and hide from Him. Terrified of Him. Afraid of what He might take from them. Scared to get too close…

And missing out on all the wonder of His abundant goodness…

Just like a little kitty, I am trying to know.

black and white kitten 3

Prayer Focus: God, grant me a heart to care for someone that might be running from You, or afraid of You… and teach me how to pray for them.


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