September 3

“For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.” (Romans 8:14)

Yesterday we talked about how God made us so that He could lead us. It was always His design to be in our lives, communing with us, speaking with us, and guiding us into what is best for our lives.

From the very beginning, God had a special time of the day set aside to come and just “hang out” with the humans He created (see Genesis 3:8). At the very core of being the crowning achievement of God’s creation was this whole notion that God was invested in humanity – and that investment was largely a role of leadership for the man and the woman He had placed in charge.

walk in the garden

Of course, we all know that sin entered the mix and changed humanity’s part in all this plan. But God’s part never changed. He still wanted to lead His people – guiding them into what was best for them.

Throughout Biblical history we constantly see God reaching out to lead His people. He often accomplished this task through a person, chosen to be His special envoy. From Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – through Moses, the prophets and the kings… God was constantly trying to lead His people according to what was best for them.

Jesus and disciplesAnd then He sent His Son. What do we notice about Him? The first thing He does is to gather a flock (of 12 men) to lead.

He teaches them how to lead, as He leads them. And everywhere He goes, He does the work of a shepherd – tending, healing, leading, feeding the “confused and helpless sheep” of Israel.

sending the H SBut in the end, He left us. He went back to where He had come from. But He still had leading us in Mind. And so He sent us the Holy Spirit – to live within us – to lead us, guide us, feed us, comfort us, to help us. Much like a shepherd does for his sheep.

We tend to make the Holy Spirit spooky… weird… other-worldly… We tend to make Him all about power – all about the Gifts – all about speaking in a funny language.

But the Apostle Paul reminds us that His primary purpose is to lead us into the best that God has for us. The Holy Spirit is the inner Shepherd that leads us in the way we should go, in the words we should say, in the work we should do, in the serving that honors God.

The Holy Spirit is not about the “magical” as much as He is about the practical. We each need to know how to walk this life – something we can’t possibly know on our own. But the God Who is within us seeks to do what we cannot – He seeks to take us where He needs for us to be… each and every day of our lives.

Ps 32 8

That is why God’s leading is so important. And why being led, by Him, is so essential. In the end, we either follow His lead… or try to blaze our own trail – most often with disastrous results.

The Apostle describes, in such simple terms, those who consistently follow the inner Shepherds voice – He calls them the “sons of God.” Why? Because those who are used by God, to do as He does (by following His leading), end up being identified just as God is – impacting the world as only God can do.

All our human efforts do not gain what God desires for us… All He seeks is for us to gather to Him, trust Him, and follow as He leads us.

Prayer Focus: God, I seek simply to be led by Your Spirit… speak… and I will listen and go where You want me to go.

God lead me


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