The Still Small Voice; part 2

August 18

A couple of days ago, we began talking about “that little voice” that is in the back of your mind, that tries to steer you out of impending trouble. Some equate this voice to our conscience – but I feel it is more likely connected to the voice of God. It is God, trying to help us to avoid trouble, or mistakes, or sin. And it is a voice that is almost imperceptible… until we are willing to listen for it.

8 18 god_whispers

The fact that God’s foremost way of intervening in our lives is to whisper a suggestion says something really important about HOW God chooses to interact with us. He doesn’t barge into our lives (though He deserves to do so) – He seeks to gently persuade, quietly impress, tenderly suggest what is right for us… He doesn’t always throw the clamps on us when we are about to do something harmful (though we might wish He would) – He whispers to us… and leaves us to listen… or ignore Him.

This observation leads us to the answer of a question that plagues so many…

People are always wondering why God doesn’t just put a stop to evil – why He doesn’t just end the world’s suffering. Why He doesn’t keep bad things from happening to people (especially the helpless or the innocent).

8 18 Intervening godIf what they mean by this is that God should step in and stop every bad act, every wrong word, every misguided intention – then He would have to forcefully intervene in every human action from the beginning of time. A God of infinite power could preserve a perfect, unblemished world… and many think that He should

But here is the significant problem… If God were to intervene in every wrongful situation… there would be no wrong, no evil, no famine, no crime. BUT there would also be no such thing as human choice.

And if there is no choice, there would also be no such thing as faith, or hope, or love, or joy, or purpose, or meaning – the very things that make life worth living, would not exist SONY DSCat all. The wonder of being human and experiencing this world (and real relationships with each other) would never exist. We would be no different than the flowers of the field. Lovely, in and of themselves, but possessing no possibility of faith, hope, or love. We would exist – but have no real life in us.

In order for life to have any meaning at all, there must be the ability to choose – and, with this, the potential for everything to go terribly wrong. Good must be an option. But so must bad. Without choice, we are merely the results of every whim of God – and though that would produce a perfect world… we would never really enjoy it. It would be meaningless to us.

And, apparently, to God as well. He did not design this world to be a place where His will is always automatically applied. From the very beginning, He has revealed that He designed this world so that human beings would have to choose to apply His will (see Genesis 2-3). We would have to decide to heed His voice – or ignore His voice. This is true for those who would seek to do what is right… and what is wrong.

God has designed things so that He does not forcefully intervene in every potential act of harm – but that doesn’t care… or isn’t trying. Every wrong act is the choice of someone who is ignoring (or has completely blocked out) that little voice that is seeking to prevent harm. God is there. God is at work. He is being ignored.

The Bible tells us that there WILL come a time when God will choose to end this current format. When Jesus returns… everything will change.

But until then, God’s way of interaction remains “the still small voice” – and the key to true life and living is found in listening to, and heeding that voice.

8 18 small-still-voice

Prayer Focus: God, I seek to listen for You… help me to quiet my life and just hear and obey what You are telling me. 

God's voice


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