Trash Talk

July 22

trash 1Just the other day, while out driving on a stretch of rural road, I came across a section of road that was littered with an abundance of trash. Trash on the road. In the ditches. Strewn across the fields adjacent to the road. It seems this particular stretch of road had become a popular dumping spot – for just about anything someone might want to discard.

My first thought was… why? Everyone owns a few trash cans (where trash is supposed to go [thus the name TRASHcan]). Why toss your trash out the window of your car, when you could just take it back home and put it in a place that was made for such things? What is the thinking behind tossing your trash out of a moving car? Is there any thinking at all? Maybe, for some, it is just something you do… when you are driving around. I don’t know… All I know is that all that trash made that stretch of road… unsightly… ugly.

Then I got to thinking about why people discard trash at all. We discard things that are no longer useful or no longer valued. Because we no longer want or need these things $100they are tossed out. You would never see someone driving down a road tossing hundred dollar bills out the window (unless they were insanely rich). And if there were hundred dollar bills littering the road, the ditches, and the fields – there would be droves of people lined up to comb every inch of that stretch of road. We value money… we do not value trash. The value of something makes all the difference in how we treat it.

This also applies to people.

If we do not value ourselves – if we see ourselves as just so much trash – we will always act as if we were useless, worthless, expendable, discardable. We will find it so difficult to love… and be loved. Because we have concluded that we have no value.

The enemy of our souls works extremely hard to plant these types of seeds into our minds and hearts. All he has to do, to keep us from fulfilling God’s reason for creating us, is to get us to see ourselves as just so much trash.

S B trashThis is our first meaningful step towards our renewal. We have to discard our trash thoughts… and accept a new thought – that we are loved, valued, and treasured by the Most High.

We must remember that Jesus came to this earth because we were the objects of His love. We were actually trash… but He looked upon us as treasure.

Jesus’ journey to the cross was for the expressed purpose of becoming our permanent became-sin-for-ustrash dump. The Bible says that He became sin, on our behalf (2 Cor. 5:21). That means that all the ugliness, worthlessness, uselessness – everything we had become – was placed upon Jesus. And when He died, ALL that trash died with Him. It was taken away… properly, and permanently!

But that is not the end of the story. After taking all of our trash, He gave us something in return. Something only He could give. children of GodSomething that was for ever. He gave us a new identity… the beloved children of God (John 1:12; Rom. 8:16).

In Jesus, we have gone from being so much trash, discarded by the way… and become the cherished treasure of God Almighty.

Prayer focus: God, help me to always see myself through the eyes of Your love for me… that I am treasured by the King of the Universe!


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2 Responses to Trash Talk

  1. Interesting, this means something to me in my life. Not sure how to say it… My self-image, self-worth has become very ambiguous, very confusing at times.

  2. I think that this is one of the most difficult things for us. We KNOW what we are like (our struggles, our issues, our faults, etc…) The challenge (and privilege) for us is to truly see ourselves as God sees us BECAUSE of the work of Jesus. It has nothing to do with our own merits — and it never will. The tendency for each of us is to define our self-worth by what we consider worthy within ourselves. When it comes right down to it… we will never find enough “worth” to consider ourselves worthy of God’s love. HE solves that problem for us, by ascribing worth to us simply by His Own Choice. The New Testament tells the story of what God did because He deemed us worthy of His love — and what happens to us when we simply receive what He has done.

    We ALL struggle with this issue (to varying degrees) but the solution is not to try and figure it out (one of my own flaws!) but to simply rest in what Jesus has done for us. That may seem hard… but that’s only because we are still clinging to the notion that we have SOMETHING to do with God’s acceptance. We just don’t. Ever. When we finally come to that revelation, we can honestly receive what He is freely offering… complete acceptance as His Own beloved child.

    Praying for you in your journey! M. A.

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