The Gardens of God

July 21

“He restores my soul…” (Psalm 23:3a)

Yesterday, we talked about seeds – how they are like thoughts sown into our minds and hearts – and how the “plants” from those seeds affect our lives.

weeds (1)But what if an honest look at our lives causes us to realize that our lives have more closely resembled an overrun mess, than a glorious garden? What hope remains for us who have seen our gardens laid to waste with weeds and blight? And who still struggle, at times, with a “garden out-of-control?”

Our hope is Jesus! He came to restore what has been devastated. He came to renew that which is overrun. He came to overturn all of the enemy’s intentions – and grant us all a new beginning. Only Jesus is able to do that…

He is the only one who can take hopelessness and bring back hope.

So, if we have allowed seeds of falsehood to take root in our “garden” – we need to remember that our God is a Master Gardener. He is able to plow up our unseemly garden and renew it. He is able to remove all of our overgrown weeds and rejuvenate our soil. He is eager to give us a fresh start. IF we will but allow Him…


The whole point of Christianity is that God has come to redeem all the lost causes out there. He has come to put the imprint of His handiwork upon our lives.

And in so many ways, all the mess that we have made can become His glorious story – the testimony of His ability to turn defeat into victory, sorrow into joy, emptiness into fullness, and messes into miracles.

The story of our lives does not have to end up as a sad and weedy tale.

God is in the business or renewal and restoration (see Jeremiah 30:17; Psalm 23:3). It is His particular specialty.

The hard part is on our end.

seed-heart1The first seed that we will have to allow to take root in our new garden is the seed of God’s eminent love. We ARE now His beloved children. He deliberately chooses not to call to Mind the mistakes of our past. Whatever we were… we are no more! Once He receives us as His Own children there is only the now. There is today. This moment. And our part is to live each moment tending our particular garden (we were actually made to tend gardens; Gen. 2:15).

We do this by saturating our minds with God’s Word – because, in it, we find the very Mind of God. We meditate upon God’s ways. We set our minds upon His truths.


And when some detrimental seed “happens by” to seek a home in our soil – we meet it with the treatment it deserves… “This is God’s Garden, now. The only things allowed to grow here are the plants of grace and truth.”

Whatever the condition of our souls, God seeks to reveal Himself through us. Whether that revelation is… how His grace takes the unseemly and makes it glorious. Or it is how He nourishes and edifies others through the beautiful garden His grace has created in our lives.

Either way, those who have trusted in Jesus are the gardens of God – to honor and glorify His Name.

beautiful garden

Prayer focus: God, I entrust my life to You… May Your grace make me a thing of grace, peace, and beauty.

God is the gardener

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2 Responses to The Gardens of God

  1. You said, “And in so many ways, all the mess that we have made can become His glorious story – the testimony of His ability to turn defeat into victory, sorrow into joy, emptiness into fullness, and messes into miracles”

    …So strange that I feel inside as if I belong in the “after” of the above, but my life appears to me that I’m still living in the “before.”

    God, give us strength to persevere!

    • It is always such a challenge to live in the “after.” Because we do so often feel like we are still living in the “before.” Just as you said you feel. That is not uncommon — so many of us go through that particular struggle (me too!). I just encourage you to keep trusting in God’s provision for us. The “old me” desperately wants to cling to what is familiar and comfortable (even if it is not particularly helpful) but God has given us the “new man” (fully equipped to live each day in the “after.”) The role of faith, in our lives, is the hand to reach out to receive what God has supplied. It is also to set our resolve to live each moment in God’s gifts to us.

      It has always helped me to realize that God has already given us what we need to be what He wants us to be. THAT truth is liberating — if the eyes of our hearts can truly see it!

      I’m praying for you. Pray for me as well. We need each other to live in the fullness of God’s powerful grace!

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