Useful for the Now

July 14

“Put off your old self… and put on the new self…” (from Eph. 4:22-24)

change your mindsetWhen it comes to our relationship with God, it is so important to have the right mindset. At the heart of the gospel message is the necessity to repent and believe. And as we have discussed many times, to repent, in Scripture, means to change your mindset – to align your thinking with God’s way of thinking. How we think directs our actions. God is not really seeking changed actions in us, but changed thinking… with changed thinking, He gets changed actions, as well.

But there is a second part to this – and just as essential. We must believe according to God’s truth – in accord with what God has revealed to us. This is why the Bible is so important. The Bible is God’s record of revelation. Our faith must align with It’s truths – or we will always struggle to have integrity in our faith.


This is why the understanding of a God of immediacy is so vital. We are not submitting our selves to God for a lifetime of repairs, overhauls, and adjustments. We are submitting our selves to the transforming work He has already accomplished for us, completely, through Jesus. When we finally understand that ALL the work has already been done to make us into the people He desires us to be – then we can get about the really important business of representing the God of Heaven, in matters on this earth.


And that is really the point… God desires to use us. He desires to reveal Himself through us. And because of His completed work – He can do these things NOW!

under constructionConsider what we are thinking when our minds are set on believing in a God of gradual process – and of work, in us, that is unfinished. We are thinking that we are not yet ready to do what God has for us to do. We are still “under construction” – and everybody knows that something that is not yet finished, is not yet ready for its intended purpose.

When our mindset is that “God is still working on us,” we are deeply influenced by the belief that God cannot really use us until His work, in us, is finished. If He is still fixing us, and chipping away at all our rough edges, and changing what needs changing – then we are not yet what we need to be for Him.

new life old life 2The final word is this: God has already accomplished the work that He needed to do… to make us what He needed us to be. We just have to apply that work to our lives. We just have to lay aside the “old and busted” – and put on “the new…” given to us, freely and completely, the moment we said “Yes,” to Jesus.

It really is as simple as that.

What is more… this is exactly what the Bible tells us… Our cure, our remedy, is based upon an immediate principle: “Put off the old self with its practices… and put on the new self, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him.” (from Colossians 3:9-10)

This is how we are to change our thinking. This is what we are to believe. This is how we live, as true Christians, in a world that desperately needs to see Him.

Prayer focus: God, every day I pledge to live by the new me… in the fullness of Your provision for my life.



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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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One Response to Useful for the Now

  1. I agree, this must be the mindset… “BE renewed” is not a suggestion, it’s a command, as in “Let there BE light.”

    This must be my identity, my new position. As you said, without committing to my new status I’ll always default to my old.

    However, I have found that it must be tempered with the understanding that there is always the chance, (puting it nicely), that I may fall short of my full potential. Without that caveat, I will be constantly grieved, even discouraged by my shortcomings.

    I must persevere in learning “to know [my] Creator” and in becomimg “like Him.”

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