A God of Immediacy; part 3 Old vs. New

July 13

“Behold, I make all things new.” (from Revelation 21:5)

We have been talking about how the Bible has revealed God to be a God of immediacy. He is not a God of gradual processes. When He acts, His desires get done… without delay.

In order to understand how this applies to us, we need to understand a vital truth. God has already done all the work needed to make us into the people He desires us to be. This may be difficult to accept, but… We are not a work in progress – because His work is already completed (through Jesus!). What we need to understand, and believe, is what that really means to our lives…

We look at our lives (often a big mess) and see the work that needs to be done in us (a whole lot of work) — and we tend to believe that God is committed to “fixing us up” – incrementally making us into the people He wants us to be… We are broken. We need mended. And God is the Master of repairing the broken… Or so we believe…

But what God does for us is one better.

green nissanLet me illustrate this way… A few years ago, I wanted to own a little pickup truck. Nothing fancy. Just something to haul stuff around in (mostly for gardening). One day, I purchased my little truck. Lots of dents and scratches. Ugly green color. It had a quirky engine-thing in the colder months. But I took it everywhere. In spite of it’s issues, it really came in handy.

Then I loaned it out to my son – who had the misfortune to become a deer magnet. (How can such a smallish animal do such terrible things to our vehicles?) In the end… there was extensive damage to my little truck (son was okay, so all is good!).

green nissan bustedNow, the truck was barely driveable. It could probably have been repaired – but at much greater expense than the truck was worth. So… A) repair the truck at great expense – or B) choose to put our money into something new? What would you do?

Here’s what God did… He looked at the wreckage of our broken lives and did something amazing: He gave us something brand new, something infinitely better than that old thing we were comfortable with. Something that reflected His Own style and character, something with power, beauty, and prestige. Something that evoked a passion whenever we were in it. Something heavenly, for a hellish world.

tricked out car

Why? Because He was going to come along for the ride, with us. The new was not just for us… it was a proper “ride” for a Heavenly Companion. That He might be seen in us!

It is not a problem to ditch the old, if someone is going to give us something new to replace it – especially if that “new” is a serious upgrade!

So many Christians are caught up in asking God (continually) to repair the old, beat up, and busted “you.” To help the “old you” to be more “christian” each day. To fix the “old you” so that the “old you” will be more loving, and giving… and more like Jesus. To gradually make the “old you” into the person God wants you to be.

But the God Who loves us chose a different way. He said: “Forget the old. Lay it aside. I made a provision for it to be cast off forever (along with all the “junk” tied to it!). And embrace the new. It’s yours. It’s just like Me. It transforms your way of thinking and living. Every day. And it’s totally free of charge.”

put off put on

New life in Jesus is all about living by the “new you” – and the new you is “created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness.” (Ephesians 4:24) And the really good news is that this “new you” has already been provided to you, in it’s fullness, by the God of immediacy!

The real question is… why are we seeking for God to fix the old and busted – when He has already supplied us with the new?

Prayer focus: God, thank You for Your immediate provision of new life… I seek to put off the old and put on the new… Teach me to live every day in this revelation!



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