A God of Miracles

July 10

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

Yesterday, we mentioned the importance of choosing to shift our focus from how the “old A man walking through the water with the waves parted.you” thinks about things, to the new way – how God thinks about things. Do we rest our belief in what our senses and experiences (in this life) have trained us to believe? Or do we simply rest our trust in the God Who does the miraculous?

But, here is something important to consider… What we call the miraculous is not miraculous to God. Those things are His normal way of doing things. To Him, they are not special actions at all. They are His “everyday” life. They are not exceptional uses of His ability – they are just how God is, and what He does.

Where this gets really exciting is the fact that this is the substance of the new you. The Bible tells us that we are born from above. We now have a divine impartation… a divine connection – placed within our reborn spirits. Now, His passion, is our passion. His will, is our will. Our identity is not defined by the limitations of this world – our identity is defined by the unlimited abilities of the God Who redeems us, and Who calls us as His Own beloved children.

But He will not force us to believe this way. He put the “new you” within us to assist us in making our life’s choices. But, we must all choose to embrace the “reality” that our lives will follow. Much of what the “new you” does is look at things from God’s point of view and says “why not?” That’s because the “new you” has been given the gift of a connection connect with Godwith your true home – where God reigns supremely, without any limitations or impossibilities. We have been given God’s personal and private “number” – to contact at any time!

Think about how this can effect us…

Take prayer, for example. If our faith in prayer is based upon our natural experiences of this world, our prayers will be more like wishing and hoping in God rather than trusting in Him? But, if we truly believe that the God of Miracles is moving us to pray about persistent prayersomething, and inspiring us to speak His will over a matter, how will that change how we go about our praying? It would no longer be more like doing our Christian duty OR begging God to do something we would like for Him to do (or trying to convince Him to do something He really has no interest in doing). Instead, we would be drawn by His Heart to speak with Him, securing the knowledge of what He wants to do, and then praying according to His purposes.

And that is exactly what prayer is about. We are called into a partnership with Him, acting upon His divine orders, to move things on earth so they line up with the will of Heaven!


Jesus teaching on prayerThat is precisely what Jesus taught us about how to properly focus our prayers: “This is how you should pray… Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10) Heaven’s will, and Heaven’s King, is the focus of our earthly requests. And all of our requests are lifted with the understanding that the God of Miracles is working through us to bring about His desires, on this earth.

Prayer focus: God, fix my heart on Your desires for my life, for my family, for my world.

C Spurgeon on prayer


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