A Very Present Help

July 2

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Before we move on to talking about the cure that God offers us, we need to pause and address the objection that often rolls around in our heads.

It goes something like this… “What do you mean God isn’t here to help me? He has helped me plenty of times. Through this crisis. Through that tragedy. Through that dark time in my life. Through those moments when I made a mess out of things. I could not have survived without God – and His help. He is always there for me.”

Of course, He is.

Scripture is pretty clear – God IS willing, and able, to help us in our times of need. He enjoys helping us – especially when we have tried everything we know to do, and have Jesus super heroreached the end of our hopes. God delights in “coming through” for us. He wants to be the Star of the show – He wants to be that Hero Who enters at the very last moment and saves the day! He has no problem with being our “very present help” in our times of need.

Man stands inside of old dark tunnel with shining sun in the endBut He also wants to be more than that to us. He wants to do more than rescue us from our troubles and tight situations. He wants to lead us into victory. He wants to show us how we can avoid our troubles before they ever darken our door.

And that is the whole point. I am not saying that God isn’t there to help us. I am saying He is there to do far more than help – He is there to bring us into the fullness of what He offers us. Help is only a part of His offer. There is so much more. And that “so much more” includes the cure to our problem.

My focus is upon the fact that most Christians do not even know there is a cure for our deadly malady. We want God to help us to be better Christians (or help fix our broken Brokenlives) – and God’s message to us is that He has already helped us. In fact, He has already done everything necessary for us to BE everything He desires us to be! We are often asking God to help us – and His constant response is: “I already have.”

What we all need to see is the extent of God’s help to us. It is not just rescue, or strength to endure, or a quick fix when we are really down, or forgiveness when we fall to the same temptation for the umpteenth time.

God is there for us in ALL these things. But we need more. The really good news is that He gives more (abundantly more… beyond all we can ask, think, or imagine). But we need to know that there is more for us than just help along the way.

It has long been my observation that most Christians live far beneath the provision of God for their lives.

It is another observation that God takes us all right where we are – and though He desires to lead us into the deeper parts of His provision for us – He will not force us to go there. We have to want ALL that God offers to us. And to want it, we need to know that it is actually available to us.

Tim Keller quote

This is the whole point of talking about the cure. Jesus is the cure for every struggle of our lives. Every single one. But we will not seek the cure, if we do not believe that one is available…

Prayer Focus: God, fix in me a yearning for all that You desire to give me!


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