The God Imprint; part 4 God-shaped Vacuum…

June 21

We have all probably heard some spiritual sage tell us that we each have a God-shaped 6 21 God shaped vacuumvacuum that only He can fill. This is certainly true. That vacuum began when God had the idea of us, and proceeded to shape us in His Own image. That vacuum was formed in the very shape of His Own likeness. ONLY God can fill that place!

This is why we need Him. And why the enemy of God fights so strenuously to keep us from recognizing that need.

This is what forms the battleground. And the battle really boils down to one thing… who or what will fill your life.

This is the other thing… we are all aware of this God-shaped vaccum. It is another part of what God imprinted within us – that cannot be taken away.

But what so many people often try to do, is fill this vacuum with the things of this world. This can be some very selfish things. But, quite often, it is very good things… things like being successful at your job, or loving your spouse and kids, or finding a cause that is a benefit for other people, and on and on.

These are good things. But can be substitutes for the one thing that matters most.

God designed us to pursue things that matter to us – with a passion. But He also designed us to pursue Him first and foremost. It is only when we discover the fullness of relationship with Him (filling that vacuum) that we are actually capable of truly effecting the world for good.

6 21 seek-first-the-kingdomJesus said it best: “Seek first (and foremost) the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33) “All these things” are all the things that people pursue in life. What Jesus is telling us is this… when we are filled with God – then, and only then, are we at peace within ourselves, and are able to have something of substance to give to others.

It is a fundamental principle of the Kingdom of God that we have to have something to give something. And God is supremely interested in supplying for those whose hearts are set upon Him. First, He supplies Himself – and then the resources of His abundance to meet needs around us.

But everything begins with pursuing God.

first pursuit

This is not as difficult as it might seem. He is the One Who is actually pursuing us. He is eager for relationship with us – but He will not force Himself upon us (even though that just might be the best thing for us!). He is waiting for us to end our pursuit of all other things, so that He can have our undivided attention.

We humans are famous for wanting God… and wanting everything else too. Christians are also human. And we tend to fall in line with what everyone else does.

This is part of the reason why Christians end up acting (and reacting) no different than people who are not believers. We have not yet given ourselves completely to the King.

Until the vacuum is filled, only with God, we are not yet ready to live as God has imprinted upon us.

Prayer focus: God, may my heart be completely Yours, so that You might fill me with all I need.




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