Evidence; Part 5 BANG!

June 13

Most people have heard of something called “the Big Bang.” A simple (simplistic?) explanation is that everything in the universe, supposedly, came from a very powerful explosion that occurred in the deepest emptiness of space a long time ago. Nothing was in existence before the Big Bang (except for one tiny, infinitely powerful particle). The theory is that everything in the universe came to be, after this mighty particle exploded.

big bang

I don’t know if this is true. I wasn’t there. Nobody was. Some scientific circles claim to have evidence of this theory. It’s possible. But it is often the interpretation of evidence that becomes the issue. People, even smart people, often find what they want to find.

But a couple of things seem very unreasonable to me…

First of all, every thing must have an origin – even tiny, infinitely powerful particles. Where did the particle come from? How did it come to be? And what would cause it to explode and release all of it’s infinite matter and energy? Does it seem reasonable that every material thing in the universe could come from a single, minuscule, exploding particle – no matter how mighty?

But that’s not the really unreasonable part. Has anyone ever witnessed order coming out of chaos. An explosion releases just about as much chaos as is possible. And more troubling, in the history of scientific study, explosions have never been observed to produce anything but destruction and disorder.

junkyard tornadoYou’ve probably heard this one before, but claiming that all the order in the universe occurred because of a cataclysmic explosion, is like a tornado tearing through a junkyard and producing a jumbo jet. Is it theoretically possible? Maybe. Has it ever happened?

Could it have happened with something so important as the universe? Again, we are bordering on infinite improbability.

The real question is what makes the most reasonable sense concerning the origin of all things?

The Bible makes the claim that an infinite and eternal Being, Who has always existed, chose to originate every thing in this universe. And He did it with a purpose in Mind. At god-created-manthe centerpiece of His purpose was human beings – created by Him, in His Own Image, to be able to interact with Him.

Personally, I don’t see why a God of such infinite importance would have anything to do with beings of such limited importance (we ARE but dust of the gournd). But He is not asking us to weigh the value of His purpose – He is just asking us to recognize and respect Him, in His purpose.

Here’s the thing: “the Big Bang” does not discredit or eliminate God. After all, He could have done it that way – if He chose to do so…

What matters is determining the most reasonable way of answering the question of the origin of all things: Is it the detonation of an all-powerful tiny particle?

Or is it the decision of an all-powerful Originator, Who chose to bring all things into existence?

BrownCockroachIn this matter, the implications of our decision are huge. If we are only the result of a cosmic chaotic event, then we have no more value, or meaning, than a rock or a tree or a cockroach.

But, if we are the result of a divine decision, with a divine purpose, and are the centerpiece of all His divine creative work – then we are meaningful, and cherished, by this Creator.

This is exactly what the Bible claims…

Everything we know about the universe began in some way. In looking at the evidence, we must each decide which is the best, most reasonable, beginning…

CS-Lewis reason and atheism


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