Evidence; Part 4 By Chance or Design

June 12

What if I were to tell you that this post is the result of a random action. I just wandered into my office, sat down at my computer and started banging on the keys. No thoughts. fastest-typing-keyboard-androidNo research. No agenda. I just started pressing the keys… and this page was the result (just as you are reading it).

And what if I were to tell you that all my posts have happened by this same random activity. I don’t even know what I have written. I just hit keys… and when I am tired of hitting keys… I just post what I have “typed.” I am not aware of, or responsible for, my words, — because they just… happened.

Of course, this is nonsense. You know better. Although it is possible that I might randomly produce a single word (or sentence) that might be intelligible to you – to produce a whole page without thought, and by random action, is so improbable that it is not even remotely reasonable.

law-of-gravity-enforcedNow, let’s think about the world we live in. There are natural laws that govern this world (Laws of physics, bio-genesis, chemistry, uniformity, etc.). Every living thing is effected by these governing, unchanging laws. These laws have a purpose – they provide the boundaries by which we all live (and help us to make sense of our world).

There are creatures in this world that have specific qualities that allow them to survive fishin specific environments. For instance, fish live in water. Air-breathing creatures do not. We have creatures that fly in the air, and others that burrow in the ground. And each of these types of creatures are specifically equipped to abide (thrive?!) in their particular environment. Now, think of the thousands of variations of all the creatures on this planet, and the ways that their varying characteristics and Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winterpreferences allow them to function differently from all the others. Each and all of them, live on this planet in their own particular (and suitable) way. Many of which have a specific purpose that bring benefits to all the others.

It would be entirely reasonable to assume that there just might be an intelligence and an intent behind all that we see on this earth. That this world was designed, to work as it does, by a designer. (Just as you would read a book [or a post] and conclude there was a designer, a purpose, and an intent behind it. )

Yet, there are many who believe (and who state as absolute fact!) that this world came to be, by random action. No thought. No intent. Everything just… happened. Everything works as it does… all by accident.

Is that possible?? Sure. There is an infinitesimal chance… but it is just the tiniest increment away from utterly preposterous. A chance so remote that it is virtually (and mathematically) impossible.

So, which view seems more likely? Which view is more reasonable?

Could there be an intelligent designer behind all that there is (and is this God?)? Or is all the order to the universe just the result of random, mindless activity?

What is the best explanation for where the evidence leads us?


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