Evidence; Part 2

June 10

When my children were small, one of the things that we would often do was get out a puzzle, and put it together. But invariably, our puzzles ended up with missing pieces. The puzzlekids didn’t seem to mind. They would put together the puzzle with all the available pieces and proudly proclaim what their work revealed.

The fun of a puzzle, is putting all the pieces together so you can see the picture that those pieces have come together to make.

Never once, did my children fail to recognize what the picture revealed – in spite of the missing pieces.

I have noticed this about faith in God. He gives us a lot of pieces that fit together to reveal the proof of His existence – but not all. There are some pieces missing.

This used to bother me a lot. “God, why don’t You just prove Yourself beyond a shadow of a doubt? Why don’t you make Yourself so obvious that no one could deny Your existence?”

But God always brings us to a point that is just beyond seeing the complete picture.

leap-of-faith-300x228This is why the role of faith is so essential in a relationship with God. There will always be just a little doubt that causes us to have to make a step of faith. It seems that God designed things that way.

People will often talk about God in terms of a blind faith – but I have never found that to be the case. God has always provided us with plenty of pieces to the puzzle, so that we can exercise an eyes-wide-open faith. Blind faith implies that nothing can be seen – so we have to step out into the dark. That is such strange thing to believe – when we consider that Jesus came and described Himself as the Light of the world.

The truth is that faith in God is never blind. It is not unreasonable. But it is also never about reason.

A God that can be totally explained and reasoned – is no god worth our time. A God we can get our minds around – is just too small.

existedSo when those who reject faith in God talk about the need for evidence, I wonder if they really understand what they are saying. Are they wanting a god so small that he can be reduced to an understandable size? Are they saying they will not believe unless there is 100% undeniable proof of God’s existence? And what would they accept as evidence enough?

We all have received the same evidence – the same clues to God’s existence. But something is at work here that goes beyond the need for a reasonable faith. Something that looks at the puzzle pieces… and never attempts to put them together. Or counts the available pieces and refuses to put together an incomplete puzzle. Or wants nothing to do with this puzzle in the first place.

When it comes to the case of the existence of God, it is never really about a lack of evidence. It is something else entirely…

Prayer focus: Thank you for giving us enough evidence to know You are real.


About theheartseeker

I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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