June 9

Recently, I was watching a documentary that was focused upon the popular trend of rejecting faith in God. It is unprecedented, that in our current cultural setting, non-faith is becoming something that all the “cool kids are doing.” It is no longer a fringe movement… non-faith is becoming more and more “mainstream.”

But one question, that was posed, caught my attention. Each person, who professed to be a person of non-faith, was asked if there was anything that might change their minds – to accepting the possibility of a divine Creator of all things.

Evidence Word HighlightedNearly every person said the same thing… “Evidence.”

Now, that seems like a noble answer to the question. But I do not really believe that people, who reject faith in God, are all that serious about evidence. They believe what they believe because they want to believe that way. Their current “faith” status certainly is based upon reasons – I am just not that convinced those reasons are really thought through.

For instance, when someone says that they are an atheist – that is already an indefensible claim. Think about it: an atheist is saying there is no God. The problem with this is that the atheist can not know that. In order to know that there is no God, one would have to know all things – and only in the fullness of knowledge, can anyone come to a right conclusion on the existence of God. Since no human being can know all things, to not believe in God is not a fact – it is a faith statement.* They think that it is true. But to think something true, does not make it true.

For the atheist, it is far more reasonable and honest is to say that they are agnostic (not knowing if God exists). At least that is an argument from ignorance, and allows for the possibility of things beyond what one might think about a subject.

But that is not where our culture is going. We despise not knowing. We don’t care for any association with ignorance about any issue. Let alone the issue of a divine Being. It is far more satisfying to close the case – to end the debate – to terminate the issue, and to get on with our lives.

So evidence does not matter to someone who has already decided an issue. Those who are already convinced, do not have a need (or desire) to be persuaded.

This is where our culture is headed… and quickly. This is what our current generation of The Church must understand… and prepare to lovingly confront. We really need to know what we believe… and why.

So is there any hope? Always. God is never surprised by what any culture accepts. We have to believe that God is at work in the hearts and lives of people who may have already rejected Him. Our only hope relies upon the Holy Spirit… and prayer.

We owe it to God, and to every human being, to intercede for every human soul that crosses our path. What seems impossible is God’s specialty. There may, indeed, be those souls out there who say one thing, but are really hoping that someone can come along and bring some proof that changes their thinking forever.

If the god of this world truly does blind the minds of the unbelieving (2 Cor. 4:4), a God of miracles can open blinded eyes. He came and proved that already.

Prayer focus: God, teach me to know what I believe… and to pray for those who may be skeptical about faith in You.


* (NOTE: To be fair: Believing in God is also a faith statement, based upon the acceptance of certain facts – some of which cannot be proven by reason. The difference is that the Christian accepts that, within the realm of all the things we may not know, God could… and does exist.)

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