The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

June 1

“The righteous shall live by faith.” (Galatians 3:11; Romans 1:17)

This is one of the key thoughts of the New Testament. For the believer in Christ, faith is central to everything that has to do with Christian living.

In so many ways, faith is a matter of life… and death.

pouring outWe need to see it this way: when we are actively trusting in God, and in His faithfulness, God’s life is pouring into us – and flowing out from us.

When we are not actively trusting in God, we are not accessing God’s life – and His life is not pouring into us, and it is certainly not flowing from us.

Faith, then, is not just the things we believe. It is our life line. It is the power to bring God’s life into our own lives – and to bring that life into the lives of others.

floor-lampIn so many ways, faith is like an electric lamp. The lamp exists to bring light into darkness. But if the lamp is not plugged in to the electrical outlet, it cannot function as it was designed, and created, to function. Without it’s connection to the source of it’s power, it cannot be or do, what it was meant to be and do.

This is the picture of faith that we all need to understand. God does not just call us to faith in Him, for our salvation. Or when we want or need something. He calls us to a life of faith, 24/7/365. He calls us to seek Him in all things, trust Him in all things, and to make certain that we are constantly connecting to Him as the Source for all that we need for life and living. “The righteous shall LIVE by faith.”

cloudmagicThe constant temptation for so many people is to see faith as the magical solution for the times when we run out of our own resources – or when we run into a situation that is just too big for us. That’s when we go to our “closets,” dig out our faith, dust it off, and put it to use.

God is not opposed to us using our faith in this manner, but His intention for us is to keep our faith with us, and put it to use, at all times – every day.

Think about what we are saying when we only use faith in our times of greatest need… we are saying that we are strong enough, and capable enough, and resourceful enough on our own – until we get to those times when we are NOT… then we need Someone stronger, more capable, and Who has more resources.

But what God is trying to get us to understand is this: none of us are ever strong enough, capable enough, or resourceful enough to ever handle what life brings to us. We cannot control the events of our lives. We cannot control the people in our lives. We cannot “add a single hour to our life span.” (Matthew 6:27)

in-gods-hands-4-638So why not start by trusting God from the very beginning. Place everything in His Hands before we face a single crisis moment. Why not live everyday needing God, and what He brings to our lives? Why not trust in His goodness every moment of our lives? Why not see what the God of miracles can do before we ever need Him to step in and “save the day?”

That is the whole point of a true faith. God offers Himself to us, in just that way, for just that purpose. Our lives, as righteous people, are to be LIVED by faith.

Prayer focus: God, help me to rely upon You for everything in my life – at all times!

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