Faith and Facts…

Reason vs. Faith; Part 4

May 14

In concluding this series (for now), I wanted to offer one more illustration to help us understand that some things are very real, even if we cannot readily observe them with our senses.

Radio-As you are reading this, you are being bombarded with radio signals. Talk radio, pop stations, sports broadcasts, classical music, religious programming, and on and on… but you would never be aware of any of those signals without a radio receiver.

In fact, if you found someone who had never listened to a radio, you would find it very difficult to convince them that radio signals are real. You could even bring a radio, and turn it on, to show them your proof… but even radiothen, they might conclude that it is only your fancy box that is making the music (and radio signals are just a figment of your imagination). Even in the light of facts – properly interpreting the facts is crucial to our understanding of the “unobservable.”

When Christians are talking about God, they are talking from a position of personal experience. They, alone, possess the “receiver” capable of “tuning in” to Him. Those who are truly Christians, are (what the Bible calls) “born again.” This means that their spirits are now “turned on” to the things of the unseen world, and they are capable of receiving the Creator’s divine “signals.”

When Christians talk about knowing God – it is roughly the same thing as when a person, with a radio, listens to their favorite familiar songs. There is a connection that only happens because “radios” are made to receive unseen “radio signals.” Only the spirits, in true Christians, are “in tune” with the very real “signals” of God.

A vital part of the proof of God, can only come by firsthand experience of His reality. This really should not be a surprise. If God is, indeed, the Supreme Being, then we should naturally assume that He would exist in a reality that goes beyond our physical senses – in a realm that is difficult to grasp by our limited abilities.

Let’s face it. A god who is small enough to be observed by our senses, and understood by our minds, and whose existence is proven by reason alone, is a god not worth our attention, at all.

The Bible declares that God is so far beyond us that it is almost nonsensical to believe that He would have anything to do with us (Psalm 8:4; 144:3). This fact causes us to ponder His magnitude.


But the same Bible also declares that He is intensely interested in every detail of our lives – and that He has an infinite capacity, and desire, to love us. And this fact causes us to consider that He is longing for us to experience Him Personally. It is the personal experience of this Almighty Creator that makes faith so credible.

A person, unfamiliar with these things, could look at these personal experiences and call them misguided or imaginary or wishful thinking.

But those whose spiritual receivers are tuned in, discover facts that actually go beyond reason. And those facts make all the difference in life.

Prayer focus: God, help me to get “in tune” with Your Heart for me… and stay in tune!

God's love

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