The Other Part of the Iceberg…

Reason vs. Faith; Part 3

May 13

IcebergA few days ago, we talked about how our ability to know things is severely limited. We are often operating on information that is like the tip of the iceberg… there is so much more that cannot be seen. But does that mean that the rest of the iceberg isn’t real, or doesn’t exist? Of course not. There are things that are very real – even if we cannot readily see them.

Which brings us to the next point in our discussion on the existence of God. I have seen some atheist posts that declare they would accept anything IF there was evidence. But is that really true? And what would they accept as evidence?

In my first year of college, I had a philosophy professor tell of an encounter with (what he described as) a heavenly visitor. A long-time anti-God proponent, I have never forgotten what he said: “If I ever have another encounter like that, I just might have to change my thinking about God.”

I am never quite sure that evidence is the issue for those who don’t believe in God. And as I pointed out, in a previous post, there is plenty of evidence out there… if people are willing to search. I am largely convinced that those who deny God’s existence are not very interested in evidence, or proof, at all.

But here is the real problem… It is impossible to know God with our minds. The only way we can truly know Him is by our spirits. Good thing for us… we are all spiritual beings occupying a physical body. Otherwise, we would have no hope.

god is spiritGod is not a Mind. He is not a physical entity. God is a Spirit. And the only way to truly experience a Spirit is… spiritually. The believer accepts the fact of the existence of God because our Spiritual Creator has designed us to “tune in” to spiritual things.

Humanity’s problem is that we cannot see or measure spiritual things. Science cannot help us. Science can only help educate and enlighten our minds. What we need, when it comes to God, is to have our spirits “awakened.”

born-againThat’s why Jesus came, and told us things like this: I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:3) What does that mean? It means that the King and His Kingdom are utter nonsense to us, until our spirits are “born from above” (born again!). Just as a new born baby leaves one type of reality to be born into another (with much different surroundings and experiences), we all have to be birthed into the reality of the spiritual world. Jesus is saying, it is impossible for us to even “see” spiritual things until this birth happens.

So, bottom line: the undeniable proof of the existence of God comes not from any physical evidence… but from a spiritual evidence that can only be experienced through a commitment to Jesus.

We cannot really know the proof of God until we are willing to come to the place where the proof is real.

Prayer focus: God, help me to commit my whole heart to Jesus… and all He brings to my life.



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