A Reasonable Faith

May 12

Truth will always stand the test of honest scrutiny.

Of course, the key factor is an honest evaluation of any matter at hand.

math problemIf we are considering the existence of God, we need to factor in all the facts to lead us to a conclusion. Just as in any math problem… if you start leaving out some of the numbers, the equation will not bring you to an accurate result.

Atheists do not want to consider the God equation. They have reasons for that (and some of them may be valid). But if they come to the question of God, and reject God from the very beginning (or claim that there are NO facts about Him), their answer is pre-determined. This is not an honest scrutiny.

imaginary friendsSure, it is easy to push the burden of proof onto people of faith – but to never consider the facts for themselves, hints more at laziness, than at reason. It is just easier to laugh at, and mock, “adults who have an imaginary friend.”

Here’s my thought… the issue of God is just too important NOT to make an honest inquiry. There are reasonable facts to consider… if one will take the time to honestly, and reasonably, consider them.

case for ChristJust recently, I watched the movie, “The Case for Christ,” which tells the story of Lee Strobel and his investigation into the claims of Jesus. For those of you who don’t know, Lee Strobel was a legal editor at the Chicago Tribune, who set out to disprove Christ, and Christianity, after his wife had a “conversion experience.” Mr. Strobel did his due diligence, meticulously researching and exploring the facts of the Bible, and of Jesus’ death and resurrection. He did not want to believe. He wanted the facts to bring him to the conclusion that Jesus was just a myth, and his followers just a bunch of misguided liars and deceivers. But fact after fact kept declaring the one thing he was wanting to avoid: based on the facts, it just might be true. There was, indeed, a reasonable case to actually believe in Jesus.

That reasonable faith propelled Lee Strobel into accepting Jesus, and further, into writing several books exploring the facts of a reasonable faith (I encourage anyone to look them up, and read them).

Lee Strobel is not the only one to take this journey from skeptic (atheist or agnostic) to faith. Josh McDowell… (author of “Evidence that Demands a Verdict;” Vol’s 1 & 2) same story. And one of my favorite authors, C. S. Lewis… who set out to debunk Christianity and soon found himself committed to Jesus, and one of Christianity’s most logical and reasonable voices.

The point of all this is that Christian faith is not fiction or fairy tales or wishful thinking from ignorant (or brainwashed) minds. It is eminently reasonable. It rewards the honest seeker with uncanny revelation and wisdom. It validates the promise that those who seek… will, in fact, find.

Those who reject Christianity summarily, without an honest exploration, are not reasonable at all… and, sadly, their faith in reason will only lead to their demise.

Prayer focus: God, help me to be diligent to know what I believe.

c s lewis just and unjust

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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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