Reason vs. Faith

May 11

If you spend any time, at all, looking at what atheists are saying about people of faith, you quickly discover that everything boils down to reason vs. faith. They say: “We have reason… you have faith… We have facts… you have fairy tales… we have science… you have make-believe. Anyone with a lick of sense would reject faith and embrace reason.” So people of faith are to be summarily rejected. Anything they say is false. Anything they claim is just idiocy. Faith, in their minds, is the road to lunacy.


These are pretty strong conclusions. But as a Christian, is there any reason behind our faith. Is it just fables and wishes, or is there any reasonable substance to Christian faith?

I find it interesting that in this atheists’ world of free-thinkers and idea merchants that there are only certain types of facts that are even considered. Any concept of God, or His claims, is rejected without so much as a second thought. If it has to do with God, or faith, it is never considered reasonable.

I find that strange. How can one claim to be reasonable, and not honestly consider all the available options. But, apparently God and the Bible are not welcome ideas to be considered. All thought is on the table – but God was never invited to the table.

How can Someone Who is supposed to be the Supreme Being, not even get an audience at the table of reason. After all, it was God Who said: “Come, let us reason together.” (Oh, but wait… that’s from the Bible, so never mind!).

C Hitchens quoteHere’s the problem with reason. It is impossible for the human mind to know everything there is to know (anyone who is reasonable, knows this!). Devout atheist, Christopher Hitchens agrees: “All we know is how little we know.” Because this is true, our ability to reason has limits. We cannot know everything, so we have to come to our conclusions based upon what we think to be true.

This is another problem with reason. Since we don’t know everything, it is reasonable to conclude that there may be facts (and truth) beyond our current level of knowledge. Like the iceberg, we can readily observe certain things… but there is so much more that is beyond our ability to observe. Are all those things irrelevant because we cannot readily see them?


So at best, reason is a guide. It is a help along the way. But to trust totally in reason really means that we are only making our best guess – based solely upon what we have currently observed, and accepted. A reasonable person would honestly admit that.

Here’s a shocker. True Christianity is not opposed to reason. Based on the rationale that I mentioned above. The facts are that we all possess the ability to think and reason… and these things are very much a part of what it is to be human.

And here’s another real shocker. Contrary to popular opinion, reason and faith are not incompatible. Reason and faith can (and dare I say it, should) go hand in hand.

True Christianity is okay with thinking things through.

Because truth will always stand the test of honest scrutiny…

Prayer focus: God, help me to be a person of reason and faith… to know the facts behind what I believe.

faith and reason francis-collins


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