Adopted… In Christ

May 4

“…when the time had fully come, God sent His Son …to redeem those under the Law, that we might receive our adoption as sons.” (from Galatians 4:4-5)

I am not adopted, but I would imagine that one of the most harrowing feelings for any child, awaiting adoption, is the notion that you are “not wanted.” That prevalent thought would have to be one of the most difficult for those who are longing to belong to a family.

But wait… Come to think of it, I am adopted. The Bible declares that God sent His Son so that I could be adopted into His family. I draw two things from this truth…

First, WE are wanted. As we discussed yesterday, Jesus came because God not only wanted to forgive us our sins, but to bring us into His Family. God’s real motivation, behind sending His Son, was to eliminate all the barriers that prevented us from being one of His Own children.

Second, I am wanted. We don’t tend to think about this very much, but it is really essential that we see that God was actively seeking each of us, Personally. Sure, God wants all of humanity to be in His Family – but He decided to make it personal. God wanted you… God sought you out… God came looking for you, Personally.

Why is this important?

Orphan looks on while waiting to receive a snack at the Mphandula Childcare Centre at Namitete outside LilongweLet’s go back to our adoption theme… Suppose you were one of hundreds of orphaned children in a huge orphanage. You were longing to be adopted into a family, but (let’s face it) it’s pretty hopeless when you are just one of so many.

But then, you get some tremendous news… Someone is coming to the orphanage, and he wants to adopt all the kids. You are thankful to be adopted, but (let’s face it, again) you are still just one of so many. All the personal attention, that makes being in a family so important, is never really going to happen. How can this kind, adoptive person ever find the time to spend with each and every child.

So, even though your legal status may have changed – you are still just like an orphan, even though you are now in a family.

Jesus-and-ChildBut here is the amazing news… Because God is God (unlimited and all-powerful) He is able to treat us each as if we were His only child. He is fully able (and willing) to be fully involved in every day of our lives. He is infinitely interested in us – our joys, our sorrows, our struggles, our triumphs – and His Heart is with us through everything we face. He is the ultimate Good Father – eager to lovingly invest Himself into everything that touches our lives.

the_lost_son_by_kokecitOnce again… this is what HE wanted. He was not forced or coerced into adopting you. He didn’t just get stuck with you (because you showed up unannounced on His doorstep). He went searching for you. And when He found you, He just couldn’t help Himself. He had to have you. He had to call you His Own. He wanted you to wear His Name, and live in His Household. And He wanted you to discover what life lived with the King of all Kings was all about! This is the core of what it means to BE His child.

Prayer focus: God, help me to settle the fact that you wanted me as Your very Own!



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