The Power of God’s Words…

April 30

“And God said… And it was so.” (from Genesis 1)

So why is all this talk about truth so important? Isn’t it enough that we just look to God for His mercy? After all, it was His mercy, upon the cross, that bought our forgiveness. Why muddle God’s clear waters of mercy by stirring in all this talk about truth?

4 30 cross-exitIt is important, because the cross is not just about our forgiveness. The cross is the open doorway into the fullness of all that God has for us. It is the entry point… to the vast resources that God has for each of us. It is the beginning of the ongoing miracle that God made available to us, through Jesus’ work on our behalf.

God’s truth is important because He is going to ask us to believe some things that, quite frankly, seem implausible. They will seem more like falsehoods, than truths. He is going to ask us to trust in divine workings that have already happened (in spite of how we might feel) – that seem to declare things that are beyond our reach.

He is going to ask us to lay hold of promises that seem more like fables and fairy tales, than actual truth. He is going to ask us to say things about ourselves that sound comical (even false!) coming from our mouths. He is going to ask us to act as if we were, rather than what we are.

And all of it is based upon His word, His truth – as revealed by Jesus, by the Scriptures, and by the Holy Spirit.

Think about it… In the very beginning of all things, God simply spoke His thoughts… and it came to be. The power of Almighty creation was in His words. What He spoke, happened… and His word never returns empty (see Is. 55:11).

Isaiah 55 11


Here is where the truth of God intersects our lives… The very same God Who spoke all of creation into existence is speaking His words of truth into believer’s lives now. His words have the power to make things happen – to create new things, even out of nothing. God’s word (God’s truth) is the voice of the Almighty speaking over our personal lives. Bringing the instantaneous work of His power to our lives.

This is why faith is so essential. A Christian’s faith is based upon what God has said – and what He has done. None of Christ’s work, on our behalf, will help us until we turn our hearts to receive it. None of God’s power can be released into our lives unless we know, and embrace, His truth. None of God’s promises will be effective in our lives until we accept them by faith. For: “The righteous will LIVE by faith.”

romans 1 17

This is really why Jesus came – and why He went to the cross. He came, and He went, so that each of us would have the immediate ability to live as a new creation.

And until we know what is available to us, and the truth of His promises, we will never be able to step into the fullness of why God sent His Son for us.

What God has said is truth. And whatever God says, has the power of new creation in our lives!

Prayer focus: God, help me to receive the fullness of Your truth is speaking in my life!

4 30 Cypress-Lookout

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