Truth Matters… part 7

April 28

Your Word is Truth

“Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.” (Jesus’ prayer for His disciples; John 17:17)

Yesterday, we talked about the first part of this verse – how we are “sanctified” (which means we are set apart for a holy and special purpose) in the truth of God.

treasure vesselOnly the truth of God (Who He really is, and what He really thinks) can bring us out of the ordinary and into the extra-ordinary. Only God’s truth can turn “dirt-bags” (an apt description of human beings!) into special vessels that hold an immense and invaluable treasure (see 2 Cor. 4:7). But how is all of this possible?

As Jesus prays to the Father, He tells us: “Your word is truth.”

According to Jesus, God’s word is truth. This means that we can discover the fullness of truth in the “word” of God. But what does this mean?

Simply this: in the arena of truth, God’s spoken thoughts ARE truth. If we can determine the thoughts of a Perfect God, we can absolutely know what is true, absolutely!

psalm-119-160But what is more, God’s words not only reflect His perfect truth – they are eternal. Because He never changes (Malachi 3:6), and His thoughts are always perfect, we can be assured that His truth is the same today as it was yesterday (or centuries ago).

This is tremendous news. God never needs to release an updated version of His truth to catch up with modern society. There never will be a “Truth 2.0.”

This is so often the battleground. Cultures, throughout human history, have constantly attempted to make God’s truth irrelevant for their society. God, and His truth, are often portrayed as outdated or old-fashioned, and hardly applicable to modern man.

critical-thinkingBut contrast modern thinking with God’s word and we immediately notice a difference… Modern thinking changes with every wind of thought or fashion. Think about it: thirty years ago no one was debating the validity of gender identity; or same-sex marriage. It makes you wonder what we will be debating only a few years from now??

God’s thoughts are immovable and unchangeable – what was right, good, and true thousands of years ago, is still right, good, and true today. And contrary to popular thinking… that is a really good thing!

Think about it… God made us, He designed us, He knows what makes us function properly – and what brings us the most satisfaction and fulfillment in life. And He established these things from the very beginning. What made life good, then, is still what makes life good now. And all of it is centered in God’s truth, revealed to us…

How is His Word revealed? There are three main ways – and we will look into these tomorrow…

Prayer focus: God, help me to embrace the supremacy and power of Your word.



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