Truth Matters… part 4

April 25

“I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (Jesus; John 14:6)

Yesterday, we talked about how Jesus is the Source of all truth. And how if we really want to know what is true, we have to commit our lives to believing in Him.

But, wait just a minute…

Earth-Masters-Help-Me-God1People will object that there are many other voices (throughout human history) who spoke truth, and that there are many other ways to find the truth that we may seek to discover. Christians are so narrow-minded and exclusive – and arrogant to believe that Jesus is the only way to really know truth.

It is this “all roads lead to God” philosophy that becomes the great barrier to so many.

There is no doubt that, through the course of time, there have been voices who spoke truth (at least in part). Because we are all spiritual beings, with a sense of spiritual things, there are times when any of us may catch a glimpse of truth. And some of humankind’s deeper thinkers have produced some solid wisdom through the centuries. But just because any of us have the capacity to discover truth, and speak truth, does not mean that we ARE truth. Humanity’s view of truth is limited to our capability to think and reason. Because our minds are limited, our ability to know the fullness of truth is also limited.

And this is exactly why Jesus stands high above the crowd of all the wisest to ever walk the earth. Jesus was, and is, God, the Son. Fully God, Who “laid aside His Godly privileges” to come and walk among us. When He spoke, He was the unlimited Mind speaking. When He said: “I tell you the truth,” He was absolutely incapable of lying or misleading us. His thinking was perfect. His reasoning, perfect. His views of life, perfect. And His love for us, perfect.


We must remember: Jesus did not just come to instruct us about the truth – He came to invite us into an unbroken relationship with Him. And He came and did everything that was necessary to make that kind of relationship possible. His life gave us the perfect example of what we were ALL created to be. And His death broke down every barrier that prevented us from being what we were ALL created to be.

4 25 jesus-with-open-armsWe come to Jesus, not because He was wise and taught us some noble things – but we come to Him to know Him, personally, and to discover what His Heart longs to reveal to us, in each and every day.

Jesus declared that He WAS the way, the truth, and the life. He did not just come to show us the way, or tell us the truth, or teach us about life. He came to offer Himself as the Source that provides the way, the truth, and the life – every day of our lives. He willingly came to BE all those vital things to us.

No other religious leader, wise counselor, or sage prophet, in all of human history, can make that offer. Only Jesus. And only in Him will we find the fullness of the truth that we are seeking…

Prayer focus: God, help me to see Jesus the sole Source of all that my life will ever need.

Who is Jesus


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