Truth Matters… part 2

April 23

“…grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” (from John 1:17)

When Christians talk about the truth, it is more than mere ideology, or guiding principles, or cardinal virtue, or defining morality… Ultimately, truth is… a Person.

Christians are acquainted with, and know, the truth because we know the Person Who is Truth. His Name is Jesus.

4 23 Jesus teachingWhen He came to walk among us, He continually taught about the truth. His words were fascinating, compelling, and filled with such amazing wisdom. He spent a great deal of time talking to people about how God sees things, about how God thinks about things – but most importantly, He came to show us how God sees and thinks. Jesus was God, in human flesh – and what we see in Him is often surprising, challenging, and illuminating.

The thing that really grabs our attention is that when God actually came to live among His people, they didn’t recognize Him. They had been worshipping Him for centuries, but when He showed up right in front of them, they just couldn’t make the connection. The apostle John spoke of this: “He came into the very world He created, but the world didn’t recognize Him.” (John 1:10)

woman-caught-in-adultery1So when Jesus refuses to condemn the woman caught in the very act of adultery, we are shocked. God is supposed to be holy. He is supposed to hate all impropriety. He is supposed to call down fire upon the sinful. If He was really committed to truth, He would show no mercy for those who openly ignore His rules.

But, in Jesus, we see a God Who refuses to condemn. He acts with compassion, with tenderness. He chooses to focus, instead, upon those who are so quick to judge and condemn others (even though they have had their own weak and sinful moments). He gives us a lesson in truth that still amazes us to this day. God doesn’t ignore sin, He just chooses to see the person beyond the act.

And, oh yeah, after the woman’s accusers had left the scene, He turns to her and reminds her that our choices to sin will always place us in peril. He speaks truth to her – but His words are spoken beneath the canopy of grace.

We could cite so many other examples of how Jesus challenged our view of what is true. Each of those many examples teaches us the same thing… Jesus came to reveal truth to us – in word and in action – and He deserves our utmost attention.

We cannot trust in our own ability to figure things out, we cannot give much credence to the world’s wisdom (what human beings think about things). We cannot even turn to religion to provide us the truth we need – religion (just as in Jesus’ day) tends to distort our view of God… almost beyond recognition.

truth q

We have to turn to a Person – to the perfect Son of God – Who came to show us Who God really is, and what He is really like. If the source of truth is perfection, we have no better Source than the One Who came and gave Himself (in living and dying) so completely for us all…

Prayer focus: God, I need to see Jesus… clearly… and completely.


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I have spent years studying the Scriptures and seeking for God's answer to the question: What IS true Christianity? Let me share some answers with you...
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2 Responses to Truth Matters… part 2

  1. “We cannot even turn to religion to provide us the truth we need – religion (just as in Jesus’ day) tends to distort our view of God… almost beyond recognition.”
    Compassion, grace, tenderness – and unconditional love. That is our God; that is our Gospel.

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