All Things New…

April 12

The new you… fully surrendered; part 4

“Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” (Romans 12:1)

We have been talking about why a full surrender to Jesus is so crucial…

The number one reason why we should completely surrender our hearts to God is because… He is worth it! The apostle tells us that this is our “spiritual worship.”

Ultimately, we offer up everything we are to God because He deserves everything we are. He is worthy of our utmost respect. He is worthy of all our possessions. He is worthy of all our time and treasure. He is worthy of anything we would have to forfeit in the process.

We often misunderstand worship. It is not just singing songs of praise to God.

worship 4 12

Worship is doing things that ascribe worth to God – in the magnitude that He deserves. True worship encompasses every aspect of our lives.

idolatry 4 12To withhold anything from God, is to say/prove that we value that thing more than we value God. And anything that we value more than God is, ultimately, an idol.

If God is the Ultimate Being, we should value Him above any other thing, or person, that we could gain or possess. That includes our very lives.

That is why Jesus goes out of His way to help us understand the cost involved in belonging to Him: “Anyone who does not take up his cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me.” (Mt. 10:38) Jesus does not mince words. We cannot belong to God and belong to ourselves as well. We cannot add God to our existing lives. We must make God the God of our lives – that is the only way to honor Him as He deserves to be honored.

And that IS worship.

treasure in a field 4 12The new you understands the truth in all this. You have come to discover that God is that “treasure in the field” and have realized that the only reasonable thing to do is to sell every thing we have to own that field (see Matthew 13:44).

This is at the core of the problem that most people have (even many Christians). We can become so focused upon what we give up that we lose sight of what we gain. We want to hang on to our lives (as meager and paltry as they are) when the God, Who legally owns everything, longs to be eternally ours. The Bible declares that “From Him and through Him and to Him are all things.” (Romans 11:36) When we belong to Him, everything He has, belongs to us as well!

This is at the very heart of our worship of God. All that we are, is traded for all that He is. This was not our idea – this was His! He proposed this great exchange – and did everything possible to make it a reality in our lives.

The surrendered heart walks in the fullness of Who God is, and in what He owns. Only the surrendered heart can walk in this fullness.

Everything begins with worship. Knowing that God is worth everything we could give – we give all, to receive all that He is…

Prayer focus: God, help me to worship You with my whole life!

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