The new you… fully surrendered; part 2

April 10

…Anyone who comes to (God) must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (Hebrews 11:6)

We have been talking about the importance of BEing God’s… and about why a full surrender to Jesus is so necessary…

There is a second reason why a full surrender to Jesus is a really good idea. The fullness of the experience of God’s love comes with the benefit of being the focus of God’s goodness. The Bible tells us that our Father dearly enjoys giving good gifts to His children (Matt. 7:11) – to those whose lives are constantly looking to Him for all they need and desire. We are also reminded that God rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (Heb. 11:6b) It is in God’s Heart to pour out His goodness upon those who earnestly seek Him.”

God-Owns-EverythingNow, if God had only modest means, this would be no big deal. But God has created, and possesses, ALL things. His resources are unlimited. His ability to give is unrestricted. All this means that if God desires to bless someone – then: A) no one can deter Him; and B) His gifts can be abundant and/or extravagant. The Bible even declares the type of person that is the object of such favor… “those who earnestly (or diligently) seek Him.”

“Earnest seeking” means two things: 1) There is an applied energy or persistence. We seek, and keep on seeking (just as conveyed, in the original words, in Matt. 7:7)

2) There is an implication of expectation. We seek God, not just wishing He would come through for us, but in the expectation that He will come through for us.

Why would we expect Him to act on our behalf? seek God firstBecause we have placed the fullness of our confidence in Him. And God loves that! God is not just our last resort (when everything else fails us) but He is our first (and only) course of action.

We follow the principle of seeking first (and really, singularly) the Kingdom of God… knowing that “all these (other) things will be added (given!) to you.” (Mt. 6:33)

God is a giving (in abundance!) God. The fully-surrendered heart relies on this fact!

One of the most common reasons why people do not surrender their hearts to God is that they believe God is only interested in taking things away from them. That He just sits on His heavenly throne thinking of ways to restrict our fun, or to make us miserable. God, with all His constricting rules, is only interested in Himself – and could care less about what is important to us, let alone our needs.

But Scripture (from cover to cover) tells us otherwise. We consistently see that: God loves to give. His gifts are plentiful and bountiful. And He actually takes pleasure in demonstrating His abundant goodness in giving.

If that wasn’t enough, He even came to walk among us. And when He did – His life could best be described as a life of constant and selfless giving.

Jesus healing

So why surrender all to Jesus? Because the result of a full and complete surrender garners the attention and focus of an all-powerful God, Who loves to give to those who are earnestly seeking Him, as the Source for their every need and desire!

Prayer focus: God, help me to see You as the Source of all good things in my life.

hebrews 11 6


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