All Things New…

April 8

The new you… to be or not to be; part 2

“To be or not to be… That is the question.”

Yesterday, we talked about these words… what they meant, as Hamlet spoke them; and about how they can apply to the life of a Christian. OXYGEN Volume 09We discovered the vital importance of a complete surrender of our lives – so that we might possess the life that Jesus promises, and offers us. The most essential thing we can do… is BE His. And this question of BEing completely His, or not BEing completely His – is at the very core of how we will live out our lives (and what kind of impact we will have upon the world… or the impact the world will have on us!).

As has been said, in the past months: The life that the Bible promises us, in the pages of the New Testament, is the life of a disciple of Jesus. That means, like the disciples of old, we surrender our lives (completely) to Jesus, as our Master. We go where He wants us to go. We do what He tells us to do. We say what He tells us to say. We choose what He decides is best. Our lives are forfeit – so the real life, that Jesus gives us, can flow in us, and through us.

following Jesus

I will say it again: Jesus’ words, and His promise of full provision, are available to anyone – but they are only applicable to disciples (see the post on February 21st).

I mention this because the “crowd mentality” is prevalent in so many, these days. As when Jesus walked this earth, the “crowd” wants to hang around Jesus, be near Him when He does something really awesome, or just to hear the wisdom of His words. They want Jesus around when they are oppressed, or in trouble, or have a pressing need – but when their issues abate, they want to go back to living their own lives, as they choose to do so.

part time christianWhat Jesus would have us realize is this… Everything He offers us (new life, new vision, new purpose, new hope, new creation, new righteousness, new standing, new opportunities, and new identity) are only going to be evident in those who choose to BE His – every day of their lives. Part-time believers (with the “crowd mentality”) can talk a good game – but will never really BE in the game.

We need to remember: the very essence of true Christianity is found, not in doing… but in BEing! God is not calling us to do a bunch of “religious” or moral things – He is calling us into relationship with Himself – and because of Jesus’ finished work, He has already made us to BE what He wants us to be.

For us who are fully His: we ARE what God says we ARE, because He has laid hold of our surrendered hearts and He cannot help but imprint Himself upon them.

Those who are in again, and out again, in their commitment to Him can never really know the fullness of what God promises and provides – for they are never quite certain whether they are in, our out, with God. Our loving God is seeking surrendered hearts – those who know, without any doubt, that they ARE His!

We must decide: “To BE or not to BE…” It really is an essential question…

Prayer focus: God, grant me the grace to BE fully surrendered to You!


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