All Things New…

March 15

The new you… called a son of God!

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

Being a peacemaker is what most closely connects us to Jesus.

THE Son of God came to make us all sons (and daughters) of God. When we are taking our stand for the Father’s truth, given through our love for the Father (and for those children estranged to Him), we are doing just what THE Son of God did when He was here with us.

The exciting thing is that when we are being peacemakers, just as Jesus was, people will notice. In our Scripture today, peacemakers will be CALLED the sons of God. This means that when people see us, Jesus will be recognized through us – and we will be connected to THE Son of God. circle_fireheartThose who have found peace with God, through our help, will call us the sons of God.

There may be no greater earthly recognition than to have other people make the family connection – that when they see us, they are immediately reminded of our Father. That what we are, so closely resembles God’s Heart and ways, that the family resemblance is obvious! They see us and connect us with Jesus – THE Son of God.

In Jesus’ day (and for centuries before) sonship was extremely important. A son was a representative of the father’s interests. He carried the father’s name – and therefore, the father’s authority. In many cases, the father’s business was accomplished by the son – just as if the father was there, in person. This was a vital part of Jesus’ lesson, as recorded in Luke 20:9-18!

And it was a vital part of the reason for why Jesus was here among us. He was here to carry out the Father’s work – to accomplish the Father’s will. jesus_fixing_the_broken_healing_the_woundedHe came with the Father’s authority to bring healing and wholeness to the broken and hurting. He came to bring real help to the suffering – and real peace to those ravaged by the cruelty and oppression of this world.

So, to be called the sons of God means that we are the embodiment of what Jesus did before us. We carry out the Father’s work, do the Father’s will – and we do it by bringing the Father’s peace to those who so desperately need it. This is what we are authorized to do – and a vital part of our purpose, here, is to bring God’s peace to all the turmoil.

The new you is excited by the possibility. We see the challenges ahead, but do not cower in fear. We rise up to take a stand like THE Son of God before us.

We are proud to carry the Father’s Name – and to accomplish His work, as sons of God are pleased to do.

Prayer focus: God, help me to truly see that I am your son (or daughter) to carry on Your work, in Your authority – bringing peace to those ravaged by turmoil.

called the sons of God


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