All Things New…

March 13

The new you… a peacemaker!

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” (Matthew 5:9)

On May 31, 1969, John Lennon wrote one of the 500 most influential rock n’ roll songs of all time (according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame). At one point, it was sung, in unison, by over half a million people who had gathered outside of the White House to protest the war in Viet Nam. The song was: “Give peace a chance.”12500576-give-peace-chance

The fundamental basis of the song is that we are all fighting over a bunch of different ideologies and we should just stop fighting and “let it be.” In Lennon’s view, the problem is that we cannot have peace in the world as long as we are going to fight about who is right – and who is wrong. The solution: Quit fighting. Accept everyone’s view of things. Just get along. Which we cannot do if we are always fighting with one another over our differences.

Now, this all sounds good. In fact, this way of thinking has been steadily weaving it’s way into the fabric of our current society. It is the very basis of the modern view of “tolerance” – which says that there are no absolute standards, so we should just accept every view. Except the view of those who do not accept this view!

The only people who should not be tolerated, in our modern culture, are those who stand up and say there actually IS a standard – and it is the view of our Creator. But, according to our culture, these are the people who MUST be censored and silenced, because these are the type of people who will never “give peace a chance.”

christ sword 2The problem is that what John Lennon was saying is directly opposed to the thinking of Jesus. It is why Jesus flatly stated: “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

But wait a minute. Wasn’t Jesus supposed to be the “Prince of Peace” – whose birth was to bring “peace on earth?” (see Isaiah 9:6; Luke 2:14)

Yes. But true peace can only occur when we are at peace with our Creator. We were created to be aligned with Him – with His Heart, and with His Mind. And when we do not align with Him, our thinking always leads us astray – and always ends up opposing God’s thinking.

According to Lennon, nothing is worth fighting about. According to Jesus, God’s truth IS a battle ground. Until we surrender to Him, true peace can never have a chance.

Peace is not the absence of conflict. Peace is surrender to One Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The only path to a true and lasting peace is the path of submission to the One Who made us – and Who loves us with an eternal love…

Prayer focus: God, help me to realize the importance of bringing the truth in love.



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