All Things New…

March 10

The new you… pure in heart! Part 2

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

There is a second vein of “pure in heart” that we should explore.

We must remember that, in the Beatitudes, Jesus is not giving us a list of behaviors to pursuits – He is giving us a description of the new life found within those who receive Him, and what He has done for them.

It is our “default mode” to hear Jesus’ words and immediately assume that there is a lot of work to do. spinning-plates-2-300x212We tend to approach this new life as if we are going to have to learn how to be poor in spirit, how to mourn, how to be meek, how to hunger and thirst for righteousness, how to be merciful, and how to be pure in heart. It’s like trying to keep all the plates of our life, spinning at the same time… We can get the sense that we are supposed to dedicate our lives to BECOMING all these things.

But this is not what Jesus is telling us.

He is telling us that when we dedicate our hearts to Him… we ARE these things. Jesus is simply describing the new creation. He is describing what His work, on our behalf, has accomplished.

set freeSo when it comes to being “pure in heart,” Jesus is informing us what we have become – through our faith in Him.

This is important because one of our greatest struggles is with accepting the fact that Jesus’ work has made us COMPLETELY clean. ABSOLUTELY pure. Unblemished. Blameless. Faultless. Holy. (All the things with which we struggle to see ourselves!)

We tend to approach the Christian life as if we are still trying to get all the “crud” out of us – so we can be better Christians. We are (forever) trying to get our lives clean enough so we can get about God’s business. We can even find ourselves praying for God to “help us” get rid of all this sin in our lives.

But Jesus came and ALREADY did that. ALL our sin was nailed to the cross, with Him. ALL of our old lives (our struggles, addictions, and old nasty habits) died with Him, and were buried with Him (Romans 6!).

But when He was resurrected, He didn’t bring that “old you” out of the grave with Him. He brought the new you. Cleansed. Purified. Empowered. Enabled. New and improved (totally!).


This is where our faith comes in. Though we may not “feel” new – we ARE new. That is the reality we must embrace with our faith. Our lives (now) are meant to be lived in the fullness of what Jesus has done – and in what God says about us.

Those of us who have looked to Jesus for our forgiveness, now need to look to Jesus for the provision of our purity (and everything else He mentioned in the Beatitudes). The work is finished!

He has already made us pure in heart…

Prayer focus: God, help me to see myself through all that Jesus has done for me.

old history new

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