All Things New…

March 1

The new you… inheriting the earth

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

We have seen that meekness, according to God, means: the strength, or power, to to be able to take for one’s self – but the choice not to do so. It is giving preference to others, above our selves. It is action, or non-action, based upon what is good for someone else. Most importantly, it is often the opposite of the way of this world.

Can you possibly imagine a world where every person cared about others above themselves? Crime would end. Hunger would be eliminated. Poverty would become a thing of the past. Families would no longer be broken.

This is the amazing promise behind the message of the gospel. It is God’s idea of how things should be – and how they could be, if every person would become a new creation in Christ Jesus!

(In fact, this is how things will be when Jesus comes back again! [Revelation 21!])

This is also at the very heart of Jesus’ promise that the meek “will inherit the earth.” It won’t be this same old tired, and run-down, earth (with all it’s problems and issues), but a new earth – restored to God’s perfect ideal and filled with God’s Presence and love. It will be the Garden of Eden, on a world-wide scale.


And all those who are “the meek” in this present earth, will have a prominent role, and ownership, in the new!

Everything that belongs to God… will also belong to them.

humility-300x212But that is then… this is now. And in the now, God’s people are called to live as meek and gentle – as humble in heart. Just like their Master before them.

We see this so often in the pages of the New Testament… Those who are willing to lay themselves down, in the now, will find an immeasurable reward in the future that is coming! But even more than that, those surrendered souls will discover precious benefits, in the now, that this world cannot even imagine.

Because we have embraced Jesus and what He has done, we are current citizens of God’s Heaven – and we have access into those riches and benefits that are yet to come. As members of God’s family, we share in His Kingdom now! We share, in part, in our inheritance, now!

God is not just promising us a future reward (i.e. Heaven) – He is offering us, inviting us, to share in His riches, in our present life.

So when Jesus talks about the meek “inheriting the earth,” He is talking about the inheritance of everything that rightfully belongs to God. Both when Jesus comes to restore everything back to what things should be – AND in the now… as God’s agents of HOW things can be.

This is our role… and privilege – as new creations… and the children of God!

Prayer focus: God, help me to BE humble and gentle, living as an agent of your hope and promise – in the now!


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