All Things New…

February 26

The new you… touched by people’s hurts

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4)

Sometimes we need to be reminded of two very important things…

One) God really loves people.

Two) God is never untouched by our hurts.

These are the two reasons why Jesus came to this earth. He came because He loves us – and while He was here, He was constantly reaching out to the hurting.

I find this amazing – and a bit surprising. This is God we are talking about. He doesn’t really need us. He certainly doesn’t need to hurt, by feeling our hurt.

he-took-up-our-pain66x768Yet, one of the most descriptive phrases applied to Jesus was that He was: “a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.” And: “He took up our pain and bore our suffering…” (from Isaiah 53:3-4) The God Who made all things, stooped down so low that He actually embraced our pain, sorrow, and suffering.”

And… He was willing not only to eliminate our suffering – but to actually feel and carry our suffering. He opened Himself, and His eternal Heart, to be touched, moved and hurt… by our hurts.

Truly, love cannot love from a distance. Love must be “all in” – totally willing to come close and be connected to our needs – and to hurt AS we hurt.

This is the very essence behind “blessed are those who mourn.” Those who mourn, do so, because they have opened their hearts to be hurt – and to the hurting.

Have you ever noticed how awkward it can be when you are around someone who is really hurting. A huge part of us just wants to avoid those folks – to run and hide in a safe place where we do not have to see, or be effected by, their pain.

But that is the old you. The old you wants to play it safe… not get involved… not have to try to invest any of yourself into the hurting. The old you knows there really is nothing you can say that will help. So because we feel helpless, we quickly look for another place to be.

But Jesus is telling us that the new you is willing to come alongside the hurting. To embrace them in their time of need – to be willing to share their hurt.

Just like He does.

But with one big advantage. Your presence is physical. Your love is there. Your touch is real to the hurting.

As has been said before: sometimes, people just need God with some skin on.

There are a lot of hurting people in this world. This means there are a lot of opportunities to be touched by, and share the hurts of, the hurting. These opportunities are God’s opportunities to use us to BE the minister of His loving care.

Prayer focus: God help me to be willing to hurt with the hurting – and to be used by You to love them in their time of need.


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