All Things New…

February 22

The new you… Blessed!

“Blessed are…” (the beginning of each of the beatitudes; Matthew 5:3-11)


Jesus’ very first words are vital.

“Blessed,” means more than just a single word can capture.

First of all, it means a continual state – not just something that comes and goes, depending upon our circumstances (or whether we feel blessed). The blessing of God is something that He offers permanently to His children.

Second, “blessed” carries the connotations of ultimate well-being AND the resulting feelings that come with that state. When we truly line up our thoughts with BEing “blessed” by God, we find that (in that place) we are happy, we have joy, we are secure. All the things that I really need (deep within my soul) God provides in perpetuity.

But to know this state of being “blessed” something is required. NOT something to do – but a (new) way of thinking. Our mindset must line up with what God is seeking in a disciple. Our approach to life must begin with a change to HOW God thinks – and approaches life. It is something the “blessed…” do because they “are!”

Our example of this is… Jesus. HOW He thought… about people… about religious do’s and don’ts… about honoring God… about human governments; etc. Jesus’ actions were directly tied to HOW He thought – and His thoughts aligned perfectly with those of The Father.

3_steps_to_better_lifeA disciple of Jesus is committed to being just like Jesus (see Matthew 10:25). The “crowds” that follow Jesus around want to know the principles, the self-help procedures, or the simple steps to having better lives… they want a formula (something they can do) that ensures that they are “okay” with God.

But Jesus does not offer a self-help program. He only offers the provision of God. And that provision provides His continual blessing – for those who will commit everything they are, to find (and receive) everything He offers.

That is His promise to us.

In the days ahead we will look at the various aspects of God’s blessing upon those who are fully committed to Him. With each of these beatitudes we will discover a “way of thinking” (or attitude) that aligns our thoughts with God, and puts us in a position to be “blessed” and receive some promise or reward from His blessing.

Once again, we are not looking to add an action to our lives – we are checking our selves to make certain that we possess the kind of mindset that puts us in the state of BEing what Jesus has provided to us…

Next stop… the BE-attitudes!

Prayer focus: God, help me to live in the mindset of the blessing You have promised me.



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